Lovely Bones

If you have been following my blog from years back when i first started. You might have seen a collaboration i did with 2 amazing bloggers, Jeroy and Wickedying. I can’t believe its been a year now since i did my first collaboration. 11/11/11.. Yeah, thats the exact date of post. We did the harness boots challenge and we named it “Your Harness”. Round 2 is on, and we’re naming it “Lovely Bones”, inspired by these lovely pair of spine heels.

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PINKaholic metallic dress


OS Accessories cascade of feather ins necklace


House of Jeroy:

I have always been amazed with Jeroy’s sense of style. The way he mixes and matches the colors and every piece of clothing from head to foot is just amazing. He never fails to impress me. 



Love your cardi by the way! =)



Gotta love her take on this look. Very laid back and comfy as well. I wouldn’t mind wearing this out from day to night.  This actually reminds me that summer is drawing near. Yaaay! Where we heading tey? Lol!




Here are more photos from this look. It’s a photo heavy blogpost. Enjoy it anyway. hehe!





Have a great weekend guys! *kisses*


Miss Paisley

PINKaholic top

The Second Shop paisley print shorts

Luxury Mall neon pumps

Excuse my yucky hair. That’s where i had my hair shaved. I’m growing it back already. =)

Should have named this look “hello sunshine”, but nevermind.. i think that’s just too overrated. lols! Anyway, we found a perfect little spot around the city to take outfit photos. Just a quick stop since its a public highway and there are a lot, and i mean a looot of onlookers and public vehicles passing by. So we had to do it as quickly as we can. Good thing the roads aren’t that busy on weekends.

Don’t you just love how the lights hit every detail or how balanced everything is? I hope Wicked and i can still do more outfit shoots here. =p

Later guys! ❤

Something new

PINKaholic cloud top & neon orange shorts

Gold Dot cassandra peep toes

P.S Superrrrr comfy! Will walk for miles with these babies! Seriously! =)

Surprise! My moment with the adorable Amber! Familiar? keep scrolling down. hehe!

Surprise! hehe! Shoot with Wickedying and her boyfie yesterday at their usual photo shoot spot. hehe! Okay, so this was more like a “rush” outfit shoot (ang haggard ko lang!). I had to drive home from work as fast as i can so we could catch the 4pm sunset. It got a little dark though, i think it was about to rain when we started taking pictures.

Anyway, more projects to come soon. hehe! =)

Knit me to death

Zara knit top/ Forever21 leopard shorts/ Soule Phenomenon deathbyplatforms wedge/ PINKaholic gold necklace/ Aldo gold watch

So i haven’t blogged for two straight days, hehe! Sorry sweeties! ❤ Anyway, wickedying was doing a funshoot last saturday and i kinda volunteered to do her makeup for the photo shoot. I needed to hone my makeup skills… on someone else’s face, okay? not mine.. haha! So that was my chance to bring out the makeup artist in me. Chozzzz! hahaha! Oh by the way, makeup artist/photographer actually. hahaha! I joined her friends who did the photography. Soooo.. yeah, tried out my photography skills too! nyahahaha! (Echosera lang noh? haha!) 

Here’s a sneek peek! hehe! One of the photos i took of wickedying.. hehe!

Do check out the actual photos done by Photo Diaries. I so love her shots! I don’t know how to describe it but its just amazing. I love the whole concept of the shoot. Try to check out PhotoDiaries’ previous shoot with wickedying! Too cute! Fallen angel lang ang peg! lol! HERE.

Laterrr guys! mwah! =)

Your Harness: FashionBandwagon x House of Jeroy x Wickedying

   Yesterday i tweeted something about the “black harness boots challenge” together with blogger friends House of Jeroy and Wickedying. We all agreed that we were to come up on an all black outfit that goes perfectly with the said shoes. Not exactly black-black, but something that would have a dark theme to it.

Here’s my take on these fabulous harness boots:

Check out Jeroy’s take on his own harness boots: House Of Jeroy

Taray tlaga ng mesh top mo jeroy! ❤

And last but definitely not the least! check out Wickedying’s look on her very own pair:  Wickedying

Rawwwr! Im loving the whole look wicked!

Black To Black

Last day of PFW.. watched Grand Allure, Jerome Salaya Ang, Noel Crisostomo and Sassa Jimenez. One of the best shows of Philippine Fashion Week i must say. For me, it was the highlight of my whole week for PFW. One of my favorites? I’d have to say Jerome Ang, Noel Crisostomo and Sassa Jimenez. Everything was just amazing! It was worth the wait. Although wickedying and i were standing for the whole duration of the show, hmm.. it was all worth it. Every piece was just breathtaking.

Mango basic white top/ Topshop leather jacket/ PINKaholic x SDY sheer pleated skirt/ Jeffrey Campbell black lita

Wore my own skirt design for PINKaholic x SDY. Decided to wear something dark today ‘cuz i wanted to wear my leather jacket.. and the skirt was the only thing that goes perfectly with it. 

Mango clutch

I have always loved this clutch. I’ve had it since my college days.. good thing its still alive. hehe! Im so inlove with the colors. =)

Forever21 accessories

Wickedying wearing PINKaholic x SDY dress

Doesn’t she look fab in this dress? ..and i love her new glittery shoesies! Wicked! =p

Anyway, my sister, wickedying and I are going to a halloween party tomorrow. Super excited with our costumes.. Guess who we’re gonna be..! hehe!

Later guys! and oh.. Happy Halloween! ❤