Old Town

imageimage H&M beanie


PINKaholic metallic skater skirt/ H&M sweater


Coach bag/ H&M houndstooth tights


Report boots from Urban Outfitters

I must say, these shoes are my life. They go with everything… Everything!


Glad I was able to bear the cold weather in this outfit. Thought I was crazy for wearing a skirt out in the cold but luckily, weather wasn’t that bad on the day I did this ootd shoot. Hehe! It was actually pretty funny as boyfie and I walked around Old Town, I noticed that I was the only one looking colorful in my neon pink sweater and metallic skirt. Who could blame me? I was feeling happy and I just had to wear happy colors to go with it. Like, who wouldn’t do that on a beautiful day? Haha!

Weeee! Christmas is almost here! I’m super excited! I just love Decembers, It’s my most favorite month of the year! Aside from the fact that it’s my birth month, It’s also that time of the year wherein we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Never forget to thank him for everything. Remember, he is the reason why we all celebrate Christmas season. And of course, the non-stop family gatherings, giving out christmas presents and best of all, the food! Haha! 

Happy Holidays everyone! Mwah!

Winning Fight


PINKaholic frill skirt/ Persunmall Tshirt/ Wetseal leather jacket


Balenciaga bag/ Jeffrey Campbell lita boots


Persunmall necklace


Winning fight since I actually did this ootd shoot on the day of Pacman’s boxing fight against Rios. We met up with a few friends in San Francisco and watched the game at Hooters. Lol. Had so much fun cheering for our very own Filipino boxing champ. Yes, I know that was like weeks ago but here it is anyway. Hehe! 

So boyfie and I were very happy with the weather in San Francisco. Yes, It was cold but at least it was tolerable compared to what we have here in DC wherein you need to be all covered up or else get your a** frozen outside. Haha! It started snowing last sunday as well.. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Waaah! Beee-yooo-tiful! Couldn’t stop throwing snowballs at boyfie. Haha! Made my day! Well, as the song goes… “It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas”.

Merry Christmas guys! Have a great week! Mwah!

Cable Car

Wetseal leather jacket & top/ Topshop denim shorts/ Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots

Balenciaga bag

So how do I start this blog post? Then again, I have been away for so long I have piled up hundreds of photos on my laptop and camera but just didn’t have the time to blog since we were actually on a non-stop trip around west coast. Having only 4hours of sleep almost every night resulted into having 2 huge bags right under my eyes. Haha!

So anyway, first stop was in San Francisco. I’ll be doing a separate blog post for that. For now, I’m just gonna do an ootd come back. Hehe! I haven’t blogged an outfit post for so long now and I feel like I am being sooo left out in the blogosphere. I must admit, I haven’t been doing my  duties and I hope you won’t hate me for that. Huhu! Sorry guys! (peace!) =) Will try to update you every now and then. I have tons of photos and stories to share to you. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! =)