The US Capitol

What a way to start a day. A beautiful view of the US Capitol. =)

image So as we were lining up outside to get in, I thought it would take us about 15 or 20 minutes before we could get inside the building. Good thing we got there a little early… Hmm not really that early but just right on time for our scheduled tour which was at 1pm.

Once we got in, we headed to the information desk to get our tickets for the 1pm tour. First up, we lined up for a 15 minute film presentation about the history of the Capitol Building. I actually thought it would be boring but instead, it was pretty inspiring and I think it was also a way of enhancing their visitors experience during the entire duration of the tour and of course, to give us a little background of the Capitol itself. Right after that, it was the start of the tour and we were each given our own headsets so we could hear the guide talk as she tells us the history and little stories about each room that we went to.

imageThe Crypt was actually built for Martha and George Washington but was never used since they were buried in Mount Vernon.

imageimage The National Statuary Room. Above is the “Liberty and the Eagle” statue which was looking over the room.

image From the name itself, this room was full of statues. Each statue represents a certain state. This was also known as the Old Hall of the House of Representatives.


The Old Supreme Court Chamber. As we walked through the halls leading to this room, our guide stopped at a door where she told us that Abraham Lincoln actually walked through those doors. Well, I didn’t get to take a photo of it as the hallways were too narrow and there were 15 of us in the group. Hehe!


Saving the best part for last. This was actually the first room we visited but this was my most favorite part of the tour and probably the most beautiful part of the US Capitol as well.


So here is what’s inside the US Capitol Dome. It was so beautiful… I have never seen anything like it. Like ever. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the ceiling and the paintings surrounding it.


Apotheosis of Washington. A painting done by Constatino Brumidi. Can you spot George Wasington? =)


3D Paintings done to appear as carved stones surrounding the whole capitol rotunda. Seven and a half of the scenes were all done by Constantino Brumidi but was unable to finish it. Another painter named Filippo Costaggini finished the rest of the eight and a half remaining scenes.

imageHere is a closer look at the paintings. This is the “Landing of Columbus” scene.


I actually really enjoyed the whole tour as I have always been interested in learning about the history and stories of almost any country and also the powerful men and women who help uplift their country and make history as well.

As for me, I never thought I’d get the chance to see this in actual since I only get to see this on TV or in history channel. Haha! Thanks to boyfie for taking me out on a ‘tour day” although it was already your 3rd time to visit the US Capitol. hehe! Mwah!


So that’s it for now guys, hope you enjoyed my little inside story about my tour at the US Capitol. 

Have a great week! =)

Midnight Stroll

So last night boyfie and I decided to take a drive from Alexandria to DC for a midnight strolling. Well, it was already past midnight and it was freezing cold outside. Felt like my whole face was injected with botox (as if i’ve tried it). Haha! 

So yeah, we strolled along a few monuments like the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial and drove by the US Capitol as well. I was in awe! So surreal… I thought I’d only be able see it in the movies and never thought I’d witness its beauty in person.


The Washington Monument or also known as “The Big Pencil” was still under repair due to an earthquake that occurred in August 2011. I do hope it opens before I fly back to the Philippines. Hehe!


The lights on each pillar creates an amazing water reflection.


Me all wrapped up! Haha!


See what I see? The pillars represents the unity of the United States and its territories at the time of the World War II. Each pillar represents each one of the states, the District of Columbia and the U.S Territories. 


U.S Capitol. Need I say more? It was breathtaking! I had to let boyfie drive closer to it so I could get a better look at the beautiful architecture. Took a few snapshots when we got there but I just had to show you guys this one shot ‘cuz of the beautiful lights. =)

Hope you enjoyed this post guys! Have a great week! =)

Circle Fountain


Finally, a chance to shoot an ootd thanks to boyfie for agreeing to take my outfit photos. Yeey! Before flying out, we had to make an agreement and I asked him if he would be willing to take my photos. Luckily, he said yes. Well, as if he had a choice. Haha!



Jeffrey Campbell Lita black/ H&M leather pants

Just had to bring my Lita boots with me. Boyfie was a little skeptical at first glance and asked me if I was sure enough to step out in these heels. I said, yeah, why not? why would I bring them with me if they weren’t comfortable to walk in? Every girl must own a pair of comfy JC Lita’s. =)


PINKaholic Ben&Jerry sweater/ YSL easy handbag/ Forever21 scarf

I also learned how to ride the Metro Train. Then maybe I could go around the city with uhmm… myself. Hehe!

This is the cutest! Saw these kids crossing the street. I had to take a photo of ‘em. =)

At Chinatown.

Last thing we did before heading home was sit around the Dupont circle fountain while people watching. =)

Hope you guys liked this blogpost! =)

Have a great week! 

Fashionbandwagon Travels

So this is what’s keeping me out from doing my blogging duties. Finally, an update about my 26hrs of travelling and hopping from one flight to another from Manila and all the way to D.C.

It was actually my first time to sit, watch a movie, sleep and eat on a chair for 12 hours straight from Japan to NYC. Whew! But who cares, it was all worth the wait!


A coastal view of Narita, Japan. 

image image Hello Manhattan! Well, just droppin’ by.. hehe! I will see you soon! =p


Saw these cute NY tumblers, mugs and shot glasses. Cute!


My first american breakfast! Haha! 


Thank you boyfie! =) (omg! grabe my forehead ah! haha!)


Happy Halloween!!!

Enjoy the weekend guys! Mwah!