Holding On For Tonight


Form last weeks ootd. I went for something comfy and laid back. Adding up a few colors and accessories to top of my look of the day. And of course, a comfy pair of wedges from Tres shoes. 


Style Quench top/ PINKaholic shorts

Lovin’ my Style Quench top! You may think its hard to find something that would go well with it because of its color, but I find it very versatile and I think it would go well with any type of bottom you could think of. It’s simple and easy to style especially if you’re thinking of piling up some accessories. 


Oasap necklace/ Forever21 bag


Tres shoes


Whew! And I’m back from my short vaca from blogging and back to my old routine now!

Hey everyone! Hehe! As for usual, the Manila Sundance Bazaar was a success. A lot of people came to visit and shop their favorite brands who were part of the 3-day bazaar. I will be doing a separate blog post about the event so you’d see how it all went and so everyone who weren’t able to come by can actually see what they missed. hehe! I actually enjoyed shopping brands that I’d usually find on Instagram only. I also met their owners and checked out the rest of their collections as well. =)

Hope to see you guys on the next Manila Sundance bazaar! =)

So Catty


Forever21 bag & necklace/ H&M skater skirt


Tres Shoes Hanley in Taupe


Ripples Julia top in red


Just a thought. I don’t think the skater skirt trend will ever go away anytime soon. Even I have been sooo hooked up on these cute little round skirts. Been buying almost every color and print I see in stores. Ladies, I know you did too! Let’s face it, they’re so versatile and they go with almost everything that we wear. You can either dress them up or go casual and simple for everyday looks. 

Here I wore mine with a plain red top just to give out a little color from my usual black and white ensembles if you guys noticed. Hehe! It’s not everyday that you see me wear red except for my lippie. But I’m always willing to try out new things especially when It comes to fashion. It just keeps you interested when you experiment. 

Have a great weekend guys! =)

Cheetah Girl


Forever21 bustier/ Urban Hour Clothing cheetah skirt/ Oasap bag


Forever21 chain necklace


Tres Shoes Tyler in blue

Right at this moment, these are my favorite pair of comfy platforms from Tres Shoes. Lovin’ the combination of blue and black suede plus the wooden heels. Definitely not your ordinary platforms! =)


I don’t normally wear cheetah prints but this time, I’m willing to make an exception. Hihi! Check out this skirt from Urban Hour Clothing! Love the thigh high slit on the skirt. This goes straight to my party outfit looks. Speaking of partying, this was actually something I’ve put together for a night out a few weeks ago. Yes, another late ootd post. Hihi!

It’s been awhile since I last posted an ootd. Sorry ‘bout that… Don’t know if I could call it busy but boyfie’s in town for a quick visit so I wanna be with him as much as possible. We only get to see each other once in a year or two so I really have to make the most of it. =(

Have a great week guys! mwah!