Viva Las Vegas!

Last but definitely not the least. Las Vegas, baby! Such a beautiful city! I just fell in love with it!


Marquee… The best nightclub I have ever been to! Never leave Vegas without partying! =p


Stopped by Sugar Factory for our first lunch in Vegas. The food was uh-mazing I must say! Anyway, excuse the unusual food combination here. We weren’t getting enough sleep and needed to stay awake for this vacation so yeah, I didn’t mind pairing my salad and pasta with coffee hoping that it would help me stay alive for the rest of the day. Haha!


“Did Ceasar live here?” Lol


Dinner date at Gordon Ramsay’s. How do I describe the food? Uhm.. I don’t know how to describe it actually. Everything was amazing from the interiors, servers, drinks and of course the food. Really enjoyed it! Thanks boyfie! =)


KA by Cirque Du Soleil

They say that Cirque Du Soleil is one the must-see shows when you’re in Vegas. I have never seen their shows and so does my boyfriend so we decided to try it since we were already in Vegas. Hehe! I know they go around the world a lot to do shows but what’s better that watching them perform in Vegas? It was an amazing experience! 


Yummy Gelato!


Still craving for this till now! Chocolate and strawberry cheesecake!


Dancing fountains right in front of the Bellagio. We would always stop and watch the dancing fountains every time we pass by. They say that one show can fill up 2 large swimming pools. Wow!


Well, that wraps up my 2week vacation around west coast. Really enjoyed it although it was pretty exhausting that we had to hop from one city to another within 15days.

Well, that was a first! But it was freakin’ awesome and I really had a great time! Thank you so much to my boyfriend for showing me around and for taking me out to see California. You have no idea how happy I am! Mwah! =)

Have a great week guys! Happy Holidays!!! ❤

Rodeo Drive


It was a perfect sunny day to go on a tour around the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Perfect day to wear this dress without worrying too much about the weather. I just threw on a leather jacket and a pair of boots to keep me warm on a slightly cold weather in L.A.


PINKaholic dress/ Wet Seal leather jacket/ Report boots/ Balenciaga bag


So this is what I wore during our one day tour around Los Angeles. Boyfie was like, “Seriously… you’re wearing a dress?” Why not? hehe!

So on our tour, we had to ride a hop-on-hop-off tour bus to get around the famous spots in L.A and those buses had 2nd floors so yeah, maybe that made him ask me if I was really gonna wear a dress. Haha! Anyway, I was actually freezing my face out in the cold wind I couldn’t feel my cheeks anymore and even gave me a runny nose without being aware. I know, gross.. Haha! 

Really had so much fun during my visit to L.A! Still cannot believe it! =)

Fashionbandwagon goes to Los Angeles

Oops… Sorry guys! This will be another blogpost flooded with photos from my recent trip to Los Angeles. I have no idea on how to break down the number of photos I have been wanting to show to you.

Did you ever had that feeling of wanting to just upload a few photos but having a really hard time picking out the best ones since you took like… what? Thousands of photos in just one place? That’s what I felt while I was doing this blog post. Hmph… Anyway, here it goes… =)

 Good morning! We are so ready for a loooong road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles!

 Look at that view! Indescribable… Simply breathtaking.

I was glad we took a road trip going to L.A. I got to see more of west coast and a good look at its nature aside from the cities itself. 

 First breakfast in Los Angeles. I love a good all-american diner. Goodbye diet! =p


Ever heard one of those Filipino jokes wherein you’re eating something so good you end up forgetting your own name? Haha! Then you have got to try Juicy Burger when you visit L.a. It was sooo good! This was right across Eva Longoria’s restaurant, Beso. Hehe! 

Oh, Hello Hollywood Blvd. =)


The famous House of Blues.

I love milkshakes so I was pretty bummed I wasn’t able to try Millions of Milkshakes. =(

And of course, how could anyone forget about Rodeo Dr.?

Sorry, I just had to include this Bugatti. Haha!

Cheesecake break at no other that the Cheesecake Factory. And some milkshake as well. hehe! =)

Oh. Hi bibiboy. Hehe!

You guys know how much I love the movie Pretty Woman. Finally got to see the actual Beverly Wilshire! =)

Beautiful sunset!

This is so beautiful and I know I have seen this in a movie but I can’t remember which one. Let me know… Hehe!

Another street food in L.A which I have been craving for up until now. These were the best! Boyfie and I even tried making one of these hoping we’d be able to replicate everything from its taste and how it looks. Haha! Not even close. =p

Yes, I am a huge fan! =p

So when did Spiderman had his own sidekick? 

Don’t tell me you don’t recognize any of them? Hehe!

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost guys! Mwah! =)

Fashionbandwagon goes to San Francisco

If you guys have been following me on instagram I’m sure you have seen a lot of my posts that I have been around the west coast for the last two weeks. This will be my first blog post about my trip to San Francisco which was actually the first stop for our trip to the west coast.

I’ll let the photos speaks for itself… Start scrolling! Enjoy! =p


Golden Gate! Nice to finally meet you up close and personal! 


These were the exact replicas for the cups used inside the prison. Cool! =)


The cutest little souvenirs!


And of course, the famous Lombard Street. Sorry, guys, this was the only photo I got since we weren’t allowed to stop. But it was pretty amazing that along these narrow roads, people actually live in these houses and park their cars here. 


From all these photos, I thought I’d only see them on TV or in photos. I still couldn’t believe I have set foot in San Francisco! Such a beautiful city! 

Fashionbandwagon at National Harbor

So boyfie decided to take me to National Harbor last week. I’m sure you’ll recognize my outfit for this post. Backlog, I know. hehe! imageimageimage 

Lovin’ these blue wooden chairs. Too cute!


Beautiful day! 

The Awakening sculpture. Yeah, it’s a giant. I think he’s having a hard time getting up or something. Obviously, he is struggling to free himself. =p


The giant’s feet. Hehe! 


The hand part is too cool! It’s like sculpted to perfection. Hehe!


And of course, there’s me… trying to look like a star. Lol


Meet my photographer/boyfie. Haha! I actually told him to pose like that and teased him that he should start his own fashion blog and post ootd’s on instagram. haha!


Greetings from me and boyfie.. =)

Have a great week guys! Mwah!

My Five Guys Experience

Let’s talk about food… I think it’s been awhile since i’ve blogged about food or even posted pictures of food. Well, here’s one for today. =)

So I have always been a sucker for junk food, particularly “Burgers and pizzas”. Why I consider it as junk food? ‘Cuz it’s covered in fat, calories, it’s cooked in waaay too much oil and it always comes from fast food places. But wait, why am I trying to discourage you guys from attacking a deliciously cooked hamburger? Admit it, you love burgers. Haha!


I always hear a lot of people from the States rave about how good the burgers are at Five Guys. Well, being a huge fan of burgers, visiting Five Guys was on my “Must-try list”.


And its here! Wrapped up in shiny tin foil and a cup overflowing with fries.. I actually don’t get why they bothered to put in a cup when half of it were all laying out inside the bag. Haha!


The best indeed! Just the way I want it… The melting cheese is always the best part for me! 


Best fries ever! I don’t know why but there’s something about their fries that makes it taste so good. Believe me ‘cuz usually when I order burger with fries on the side, the fries always gets left out just sitting in a bag or I end up feeding it to my dogs. But this? I had to finish every stick! =p


Notes and doodles from people who have visited Five guys! Look for ours, Lol. hehe! =)

Midnight Stroll

So last night boyfie and I decided to take a drive from Alexandria to DC for a midnight strolling. Well, it was already past midnight and it was freezing cold outside. Felt like my whole face was injected with botox (as if i’ve tried it). Haha! 

So yeah, we strolled along a few monuments like the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial and drove by the US Capitol as well. I was in awe! So surreal… I thought I’d only be able see it in the movies and never thought I’d witness its beauty in person.


The Washington Monument or also known as “The Big Pencil” was still under repair due to an earthquake that occurred in August 2011. I do hope it opens before I fly back to the Philippines. Hehe!


The lights on each pillar creates an amazing water reflection.


Me all wrapped up! Haha!


See what I see? The pillars represents the unity of the United States and its territories at the time of the World War II. Each pillar represents each one of the states, the District of Columbia and the U.S Territories. 


U.S Capitol. Need I say more? It was breathtaking! I had to let boyfie drive closer to it so I could get a better look at the beautiful architecture. Took a few snapshots when we got there but I just had to show you guys this one shot ‘cuz of the beautiful lights. =)

Hope you enjoyed this post guys! Have a great week! =)