Color Me Happy

This scenery with all the fall colors and dried up leaves was actually something that I have always dreamed of. Never thought I’d get to take one of my ootd photos in this background. Uhmm… Sorry for being too excited guys. It’s been 2 weeks now and I still couldn’t get over the fact that I’m here. The feeling I had when I first set foot into the States was beyond imaginable and I still can’t believe that I have gotten this far to travelling all by myself. It was so overwhelming!imageimageimage

Forever21 sweater/ H&M scarf/ Topshop denim shorts


Mango purse/ H&M beanie borrowed from boyfie


Luxury Mall thigh high boots/ American Apparel socks


If a lot of people were dreaming about visiting one of the most romantic cities in the world, visit an actual paradise on earth or the perfect city to do outdoors-y stuffs. I myself have been dreaming ever since I was little  that one day I’d get to visit one of the most largest… most beautiful countries in the world. I don’t know if anything else could top this! This one is staying on top of the charts for good!

That moment when I opened the plane window and saw manhattan right under my feet… I almost cried!!! But I kept my poise then I calmly told myself to relax. I was literally talking to myself the whole time.. Well, inside my head of course. Haha! I didn’t want the japanese guy beside me to think I was nuts for crying while looking out the window. Haha!

Ugh.. Too much babbling.. Time to wrap this up. Hehe! Sorry if I’m boring you guys.. I’m just so happy. Hehe! =)

Have a great weekend and take care! =)

Sneak Peek


Today’s ootd reminds me so much of my sneaker wearing days back in high school and all thru college. It’s actually the only thing that’s comfy for walking around campus when you need to get fast from one class to another. Especially for someone like me who always gets to school late… Yeah, haha! I hate waking up for early classes. Hihi!

Speaking of school, I think today’s ootd is perfect for this event that De La Salle University’s Business Management Society is throwing. Their celebrating the 28th year anniversary of the professional organization.

BMS Presents: Roux 28, with 3 main elements namely the drive-in movie, food fest and the chill after party. It’s an outdoor event that will be held at Circuit, Makati. I’m sure this will be a fun gathering with food, music and partying!

image World Balance windsor LS in black/blue

I actually find this color combination very interesting. I don’t usually see it on sneakers.. Well, maybe for me, but for all those who are crazy about sneakers, I’m pretty sure you already have a ton of different color combinations in your shoe closet.

And for that, time to add a new pair to your collection!


Gifi Clothing bart simpson top/ Clothezline sunglasses/ Topshop shorts & belt


Of course, as promised… Here’s another blog giveaway, this time its a pair of sneaks from World Balance. =)


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