Color Me Happy

This scenery with all the fall colors and dried up leaves was actually something that I have always dreamed of. Never thought I’d get to take one of my ootd photos in this background. Uhmm… Sorry for being too excited guys. It’s been 2 weeks now and I still couldn’t get over the fact that I’m here. The feeling I had when I first set foot into the States was beyond imaginable and I still can’t believe that I have gotten this far to travelling all by myself. It was so overwhelming!imageimageimage

Forever21 sweater/ H&M scarf/ Topshop denim shorts


Mango purse/ H&M beanie borrowed from boyfie


Luxury Mall thigh high boots/ American Apparel socks


If a lot of people were dreaming about visiting one of the most romantic cities in the world, visit an actual paradise on earth or the perfect city to do outdoors-y stuffs. I myself have been dreaming ever since I was little  that one day I’d get to visit one of the most largest… most beautiful countries in the world. I don’t know if anything else could top this! This one is staying on top of the charts for good!

That moment when I opened the plane window and saw manhattan right under my feet… I almost cried!!! But I kept my poise then I calmly told myself to relax. I was literally talking to myself the whole time.. Well, inside my head of course. Haha! I didn’t want the japanese guy beside me to think I was nuts for crying while looking out the window. Haha!

Ugh.. Too much babbling.. Time to wrap this up. Hehe! Sorry if I’m boring you guys.. I’m just so happy. Hehe! =)

Have a great weekend and take care! =)


Tailored and Fit sweatshirt/ Romwe painting skirt/ Oasap clutch

Naleigh Shop Lucy in white/ Clothezline sunglasses

Normally, I would prefer heels that are 4 inches high or more since they add up a few inches to my height and I also find them sexy as well. So I rarely wear heels that are about 2 to 3 inches high but recently I find them really interesting in a different way that most high heels do. Not only can I walk in them comfortably but they also add a touch of sophistication depending on the look that you’re going for.

For today’s ootd, I paired my sweats with a printed skater skirt to add color and contrast to my look. Speaking of sweatshirts, They’re actually making a huge hit in the fashion world nowadays and I’m pretty sure a lot of us girls have stocked up a few pieces of these in our closets. Comfy, laid-back and casual is what I would describe this piece of clothing. Then again, those are the reasons why I’m so obsessed with sweatshirts. Hehe!

Hope you like today’s look! =)

City of Dreams


Tailored & Fit sweater top/ PINKaholic jacket/ Topshop shorts


H&M fringe bag


S&H spiked booties


Clothezline sunglasses


Sorry for the poor quality of todays ootd photos. I hate taking outfit photos on a gloomy weather, it tends to wash out all the colors and I am no expert in tweaking it on Photoshop to make the colors look less dull. Ugh! Speaking of a gloomy weather, I actually woke up this morning to heavy rain which made me fall back to sleep and woke up late at noon. Oops! Haha! 

So today I am dressed up for a cold weather. I think it’s finally time to say goodbye to summer and hello to the cold “Ber” months. Yay, my favorite season! And that means it’s sweater season as well. But I’m actually preparing for something bigger though. Hihi! Looking forward to celebrating my cake day in real winter season. =p

Have a great week guys! =)

Sweater Season


Gifi Clothing sweater


PINKaholic necklace & white frill skirt


Case Me Store samsung s3 hardcase

So as an android user, I’ve been really having a hard time finding phone cases for my Samsung S3. And as we all know, while millions of IPhone cases are flooding the market with different designs. It’s pretty sad that Samsung users are not getting the same treatment. Haha!  So when CaseMeStore emailed me if they could send me a few cases, I was actually amazed by the amount of choices she has for S3 users. Love love love!

Thank you, Jaycee! =)


Mango purse/ Forever21 mesh booties


Yes, it’s sweater season already! Yay! If I had to wear one piece of clothing in my closet it would have to be sweaters and hoodies. Wait, why am I like talking about this over and over again for the past 2 years from the time I started blogging. It’s like a routine for me to talk about sweaters everytime the month of October starts. Haha! See how much I’m obsessed about them?

For me, I think sweaters are actually one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in our closet. Have you noticed how easy it is to style them? From denim pants, printed shorts to maxi skirts. There are so many ways for you to wear sweaters. Like I always say, it’s just a matter of experimenting. Have fun with dressing up. =)



Parachute bags convertible backpack

I actually love these convertible bags that you can just stash inside your luggage when you’re travelling. And when you’ve shopped a little more than you thought and worry about excess baggage… And don’t forget a jam-packed suitcase. Where to put those excess baggage? Pack them inside this adorable stylish backpack from Parachute Bags.

Read more about the brand HERE.


Indie-Go floral top


Oasap denim cutoffs/ Forever21 braided belt

New favorite pair of denim cutoffs from Oasap. I know its a bit too short but they’re so badass.. I couldn’t say not to this pair! =p


Romwe necklace


Florals, florals and more florals. That would be my theme for today’s ootd. In love with all the fun floral prints and colors on this look but I’m not actually asking for summer season to come in any minute now. Hehe! I love sweater season and that is why I love this long sleeved floral top from Indie-Go.

Then again, have a great week ahead guys! =)