Flag shorts

Its flag shorts today! Well these aren’t actually the ones i DIY’ed, but will be wearing those soon. hehe!

Asian vogue shoes

Anyway, this is my tuesday look of the day and finally, i get to wear these hot new kicks from asian vogue. It was actually my first time to shop asian vogue shoes and dang! That’s a lot of shoes to choose from, and don’t forget the word “affordable”. No wonder Asian Vogue shoes are selling like hotcakes! lol!

Forever21 polka dot top/ Asian vogue shoes/ Bkk leather bracelets

Before anything else, i just wanna give a shoutout to the world that me and boyfie had our 4yrs & 8th monthsary yesterday! Despite the fact that its a long distance relationship. (i miss him =( hmph! ) Still, im happy happy happy! hehe! Okay enough about the cheezy stuff. Lol!

Anywaaaay, had a great night out last night with wickedying. Yeah, i know its monday but mondays are “meet-up mondays” for us. Then again, had a great time chatting over a nice glass of our favorite mint flavored latte. hehe! Oh! By the way, how’s your PFW’11 week going? hehe! Share! Share! Share! id love to see pictures! hehe! Anyway, wickedying and i are off to manila this coming thursday. Hope to see ya’ll soon! =)