Do you mind?


Pretty Little Blings necklace/ Naked Clothing coral off shoulder top/ Zara shorts


Saccharine Shoppe flower headband

I still get drawn into floral headbands until now even though summer is officially over. This one is my favorite, you can actually detach the flower from the headband and wear it as a bracelet. You can also turn it into a hair piece for your ponytail or bun. It’s multi-functional! 


Spruce flats/ Forever21 bag


Still keeping the summer vibe up while the ber-months are here. So when the sun finally came out, I decided to dress up in florals here. Hihi! And of course, a pair of comfy flats to complete my summer-ish look and oh, some flower headbands too. =)

Speaking of ber-months, I can’t wait for my birth-month as well! haha! I just love the christmas holidays. My favorite month of the year most definitely. 

Kick Start

PINKaholic aztec shorts/ Miss Mannequin top and chiffon cardigan

Mango fringe bag

Spruce paige flats in brown

It’s the beginning of a new week. Yes, It’s casual Mondays again and it’s time for a new outfit post! =)

The only thing I love about Mondays is the thought that I could put together a new outfit to start off my week. A fresh new start and the hopes of having an awesome week as well. I know a lot of the girls feel the same way about planning our outfits prior to mondays. It actually helps us put on a good mood since dressing up makes me happy. Hihi! I do hope it lasts all week though. Haha! 

By the way, need you’re help guys! I’m planning on changing my hair color again. Heheee! Don’t know what color I should go for. Should I go back to my old ash blonde color? What do you think? =)