Sweetness & Danger

Another blog post title from one of my favorite tracks of LDR.. I still can’t get over her music. Been listening to her for months now and never got tired of hearing her voice playing over and over. In the car, my room, ipod and on my phone. Haha! I think I’m obsessed with her.

Romwe cape top

PINKaholic galaxy shorts

Jeffrey Campbell Dominique platforms

Forever21 rings and cuffs

So about the look..

I’ve been wanting to wear one of these cape tops with bat wing types of sleeves. I actually like wearing this top in two ways. A cape or make it look like a shawl. I also love the metal tips attached to the collars making the plain white top look more edgier. I paired it with my galaxy print hot shorts. Together, i think they look perfect to balance off the all white top. And finally, the shoooooess.. I couldn’t resist not wearing Dominique for this look.

What do you think? Hehe! ❤

Hope you like today’s look sweeties!


Hello Dominique!

Waaaaah! Ive been waiting for this package for a week! Finally here! Christmas gift for meeeee!!! Haha!

Weeee! I got super excited when i opened to find a new design of shoe box! =)

Collecting JC shoe boxes from now on.. hehe!

Look what greeted me! hehe! Kyoooot! ❤ Okay now, watch it, lady. lol!

These shoes may look fierce and all, but they also weight a ton. Yes, they’re pretty heavy, thanks to all the spikey hardware pierced all around it. That explains all the gel cushions i’ve stuck on them. hehe! =)

Meet Jeffrey Campbell’s Dominique! Merry Christmas to me! hehe!

Totally diggin’ these babies the moment i saw them.. They’re like everything i’ve always wanted for my shoes to look like! Sky high, platforms, spikes and of course.. in black. hehe! I literally panicked the moment i saw them online and very much available in my size. I started flapping my hands as if i saw something that would make any girl go crazy or should i say.. go “kilig”. haha! It was like seeing Bradley Cooper in the flesh! haha! Can’t wait to wear ‘em!

Happy Holidays everyone! mwah! ❤

Rain Over Me

I wanted to show you guys a photo of how Butuan looks like. Well a piece of it actually. hahaha!

Snapped this photo on my way home from the office. Looks like its gonna rain, again. =)

Now for my outfit post.. hehe! =)

AsianVogue wedges

Forever21 necklace

Forever21 cheetah print cardi/ Zara basic top/ Asian Vogue wedges/ Forever21 necklace

Rainy season is officially here in Butuan.. Bummerrrrr!!! Its been awhile since i last saw Mr. Sun.. I miss the usual sunny weather in Butuan, although i complain a lot about how hot it is and how it psychologically melts me to death. hahaha! BUT! Im still happy about the cold weather though. lol! It gives me an excuse to wear knits and jackets.. hehe!

Lateerrrrr.. mwah! =)

The girl in the green sweater

Forever21 green sweater/ PINKaholic studded denim shorts/ Forever21 boots/ Forever21 necklace

Yeah, yeah, yeah..so this is kinda embarrassing. hahaha!  I wear too much forever21, as if their giving me free stuffs. hahaha! You can’t blame me for loving their clothes.. and i know ya’ll love them too.. haha! I don’t know why, i just love their stuff, haha! Everything is so wearable, not to mention getting dressed up from head to toe. haha! From accessories, makeup, undies to shoes. You name it, forever21 has it. hehe!