Vanilla Mint Spa

Who loves getting pampered? I know I do! =)

Going to the spa has always been one of my favorite things to do with my mom. We both looove getting massages every now and then. Speaking of getting a massage, I was invited by Ms. Lea of Vanilla Mint Spa to come and visit their place.

This was actually my first time to visit a Nail Spa ‘cuz usually when I wanna get my nails done I just go to any nail salon to get a clean and color and that’s it. This time, It’s nail pampering day for me!


Loving the variety of colors! Having a hard time picking out the perfect shade for summer.


Every detail counts.

So in love with the color scheme. It’s the first thing I noticed once I stepped into the room. The Grey, Pinks and Whites really work well with each other. And of course, a touch of greens on every corner adds up a refreshing feel to the atmosphere. Love love love!


First time to try out foot paraffin. Recommended for tired feet. Super relaxing. =)


Yay for newly painted nails!


Cozy massage rooms is what I love!


Vanilla Mint Spa co-owner, Ms. Lea. =)

Thank you so much for having me and for pampering me! Hihi! See you again soon! =)


How to get there:


Have a blessed Sunday everyone! Mwah! =)