Rock ‘n Roll

Topshop blazer/ Forever21 top and shorts

Forever21 chain necklace

SM Parisian heels

Bubbles Studded cuffs and rings

Halew readers! Choz! haha! Anyway, notice the difference in my photos lately? Notice how all the colors just gets washed out by its brightness. Ugh! Blame it on the weather and also for my lack of skills on how to edit the colors. Oooorr… My camera just sucks and i need a new one, pronto! haha!

Sooo, how’s 2012? lol! Its the first friday of the year! What are you guys up to? =)

Queen Bee’s & Wannabe’s

SM dept. store socks/ Forever21 maryjanes

PINKaholic gold charm necklace/ Topshop earrings/ Diva cocktail ring/ Aldo gold watch

PINKaholic leopard top/ Forever21 red blazer/ PINKaholic chiffon skort

Its been raining in Butuan for the past three days straight now. I just wanna curl up in my bed and sleep all day then get up at night. lol! I’m a night person if you must know. Hehe!

So I guess it’s going to be a rainy Christmas in Butuan after all. Bummerrrr… =(

Anywaaaay, enough about the terrible weather down here. It’s time for some great news! PINKaholic’s Holiday Collection2011 will be out tomorrow at 9pm! That’s December 8 at 9:00pm! Write it down ladies ‘coz we are ready for the holiday season!