Holiday Collection 2011

Here’s what was released on PINKaholic’s Holiday 2011 collection!

PINKaholic Polka dots and Hot pink shorts/Jeffrey Campbell nightwalk

PINKaholic Candy colored blazer, polka dot shorts & horse print top

PINKAholic galaxy top & polka dot shorts/ Jeffrey Campbell nightwalk

PINKaholic polka dot blazer and beaded top and hot pink shorts/ DAS shoes.

Michael Antonio garcelle/ PINKaholic metallic top and sequined shorts — are the thing of the season!!!

Happy holidays everyone! Hope you guys had a great time shopping at PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe!

I’m Lana

Jeffrey Campbell Lana

Forever21 rings

PINKaholic knit top/ Forever21 leather shorts

This is the first time i’ve worn these babies out. Comfy shoes! Love’em to bits!

Another cold day in Butuan! Might as well make the most of it by wearing all the knitted stuffs i bought. I think this is the perfect season to be wearing all these clothes with thick fabrics. Well, duh! its december. haha!

Anywaaay, i hope the rain stops before christmas. Don’t want my Christmas to be all boring and ugh! You guys know what i mean… who wants to bustle around on christmas, watch fireworks , eat out and have fun when everything is soaking wet? No one! lol!

Latuuurrr guys! mwah! ❤

Oops! By the way! Don’t forget about PINKaholic‘s Holiday Collection @ 9:00pm tonight! =)