Sweet Nothing


Romwe dress/ Oasap cardigan


Zara box clutch/ Michael Kors watch


Bershka necklace


I just love a good cardigan since I get cold easily. I own a ton of cardigans and this is my current fave because of its print and the soft fabric as well. I was actually suppose to bring this with me to my US trip but I didn’t get it on time. Should have shipped it to boyfie’s address instead. Oh well.. hehe!


Mango satin pumps


Whew! That was a long week. I’m so bummed that I never got to go swimming at the beach now that the sun is out. All I did in last weeks non working days was watch TV, eat and sleep. Haha! I know, that’s so unhealthy. But good thing my mom was up for a 2hr drive to the coast just to eat lunch on the side of the beach where seafood was uh-mazing! Now why didn’t I take photos of that?

Anyway, Bazaar for All season is coming up guys! I will be there the whole day of May 3 to 4. Don’t forget to drop by my booth and score some pre-loved goodies of my own. =) And of course, I will also be bringing with me PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe. =)

See you there!

By the way, I’ll be giving away free tickets to the bazaar so stay tuned! =)



Romwe dress


Jeffrey Campbell zomg/ Forever21 glitter socks


Topshop bag/ Call It Spring bracelets


Time for a new ootd! Nothing more comfy than a denim summer dress with a pair of sneaks. I always believe that sneakers, when styled in a certain way can always be summer appropriate. Although, I don’t really think that sneaks can go out of style. I think they’re perfect in any type of season especially during the summer wherein sneakers come in all different prints and colors.

On normal days, I like to pair my sneaks with denim cut-offs and cute tank tops for that music festival vibe. Those are actually one of my go-to outfits on a lazy day, comfy yet stylish. I’m sure a lot of the girls like these type of looks as well.

I think that’s all for now guys! Have a blessed holy week everyone!

Let It Snow


Romwe doggie print sweater/ Zara pants/ Call It Spring wedge sneakers

image image

Romwe parka/ Coach bag


First day of snow! And of course, my first as well! Been waiting for this for a long time, finally got to experience my first white Christmas. Funny thing was that I was the only one who was actually happy about the snow while everyone else seems to be pretty pissed about it. Haha! Yaay snow! Lol.

So for todays ootd… I wore my new favorite parka that I got from Romwe. I love how it keeps me warm even if I just wear a sweater underneath it and that’s it. Maybe it’s because of the quilted fabric or I don’t know.. as long as it keeps me warm in this super cold weather then I’m good with it… but of course, without sacrificing style. C’mon guys, you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort this winter season. 

Speaking of winter season… It’s almost Christmas day!!! Merry Christmas my lovelies! Have a great holiday season! =)


Tailored and Fit sweatshirt/ Romwe painting skirt/ Oasap clutch

Naleigh Shop Lucy in white/ Clothezline sunglasses

Normally, I would prefer heels that are 4 inches high or more since they add up a few inches to my height and I also find them sexy as well. So I rarely wear heels that are about 2 to 3 inches high but recently I find them really interesting in a different way that most high heels do. Not only can I walk in them comfortably but they also add a touch of sophistication depending on the look that you’re going for.

For today’s ootd, I paired my sweats with a printed skater skirt to add color and contrast to my look. Speaking of sweatshirts, They’re actually making a huge hit in the fashion world nowadays and I’m pretty sure a lot of us girls have stocked up a few pieces of these in our closets. Comfy, laid-back and casual is what I would describe this piece of clothing. Then again, those are the reasons why I’m so obsessed with sweatshirts. Hehe!

Hope you like today’s look! =)