Just Break It


American Eagle shorts


Ecugo just break it hoodie/ Ray-ban wayfarers


Forever21 wedge sneakers


Sporty comeback for today’s ootd post!

This is actually the first time I’ve posted a look wearing a hoodie, shorts and a pair of wedge sneakers. Maybe i could go jogging in this minus the wedge sneakers. We don’t wanna break a leg, do we?

I still can’t believe i managed to post a look wearing these. =) Well, anyway, i think its nice to do an ootd post that features a laid-back vibe and of course, comfort with style. Speaking of comfort, notice the statement across the sweatshirt? I’m sure they made this up by putting humor into Nike’s highly recognized catch phrase, “JUST DO IT” and breaking the swoosh logo in half. Haha!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! =)

March ’12: Fab Finds

Just some of the fab finds i got for the month of march. hehe!

Ribbon headbands! Cutiiies! hehe! They really mesh well together with my new hair color. hehe!

Beaded clutch bag from Forever21… Im ready to party at the beach! haha! As if! lol!

Earrings from Topshop and Forever21

Ray-ban Aviators that my parents got me.. Yeeey! Hehe! Ive always wanted these.. These large frames are so hard to find!

Yosi Samra, Cap toe in rose/pewter

One of the shoes that’s on top of my list are Yosi Samra’s.. They’re so soooft.. hehe! Kyooot! =)

Gray Suede

Aldo gold watch/ Forever21 cross necklace

Topshop oversized top/ Topshop highwaist shorts/ Ray-ban wayfarers

Hi ladies! Leaving for manila tomorrow with wickedying! hehe! Hope to see ya’ll! Give me a tweet or something.. Just hit me up.. Id love to meet you! hehe! Soooo.. anyway, i still haven’t finished packing.. its my most hated part when im going out of town. Why is it so hard to pack? haha!

Anyway, lets talk about my look of the day. Ive had these shoes for quite a while now and this is the first time i took them out for a spin. And never thought they’d  be super comfy. Sadly, i forgot which online store i bought them.. basta, all i know and im sure its from multiply, haha!

Till next post ladies! mwah! See ya’ll! =)

Feathery Friends

PINKaholic leopard shorts

Michael Antonio Adeline wedge

Topshop printed wide top/ PINKaholic leopard shorts/ Michael Antonio red wedges/ feather necklace from random store/ Jean&Rosz gold cuffs/ Ray-ban wayfarer sunglasses

And so i am back to my old routine of going to the office and posting my daily looks. Being away for a week felt like a year! Seriously, i should really get my blog updated as often as i can, especially if im away on a trip or something. Now i still have some other things to blog about. Backlooog! ugh! Will post soon. =)

Till next post dearies! ❤ mwah!

By the ways ladies! Since you can’t get enough of animal prints, PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe is doing PART 2 collection of  “Worn To Be Wild”. Watch out for the second part of the animal print craze! Coming soon ladies! =)

LittleMiss Garcelle

Garcelle wedges by Michael Antonio. Lucky me! These were the last pair! By the way, Hard as hell to walk in. lol! but i don’t mind.. i love’em.. =p

Random brand knitted sweater/ Mango basic top/ Bkk studded denim shorts/ Michael Antonio garcelle wedges

OOTD!!! Leaving tomorrow.. huhu.. gonna miss you guys.. ill be back in a week or so.. and getting back home means “shopping haul!!!” lol! Yeah, will be doing that next week. Will look for stuff that you guys would love and would definitely love to try. I already have one in mind, it was my mom’s but im still not convinced, i need to get my hands on them before i make the final verdict about this certain product. haha! =)

So anyway, last night i really had a hard time packing, it even took me like 3hours to pack. Totally clueless on how to travel light! Lol! Can i just bring the whole closet with me? Life would be so much easier that way.

3hours! …and this is all that got into my luggage. =p

Later peeps! Be right back! … in a week! =)

oh and another thing.. Im thinking of maybe doing another blog giveaway. nyahaha! This time, there will only be one winner. hehe! Still thinking of what to give-away. lol! =)





Forever21 bangles/ Jean & Rosz studded cuffs/ Forever21 bird necklace

Mango denim polo/ Mango beaded tank top/ Mango high waist shorts/ Summersault wooden wedges

OOTD!! But first! have you noticed my new layout? hehe! i love it.. finally, new look for my blog! hehe! Thank you so much to pretty girl krishy of course! do check out her blog ladies.. shes amazing! =)

So anyway, yeah you might be wondering why im all decked out in Mango clothing well, last night i was browsing through lookbook and found a Mango loves Lookbook.nu contest.. i decided to give it a go.. just for fun. hehe! Please hype my entry ladies.. thank you! Speaking of lookbook.nu… Yaaay to 700 fans! love ya’ll!!! mwah!

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