Details details details! Just random bracelets I piled up and a PLUR bracelet a friend of mine gave me when I went to Neverland Manila. Thanks Carla! =)

Vanilla Breeze Clothing cropped top and shorts/ Promod fringe bag

Ripples by Jenny sunglasses/ Daniel Wellington watch

Bershka white sole sandals

I’m beginning to get obsessed over shoes that have white soles. Preferably the ones in black and white so I can just mix and match it up with just about everything else in my closet. Makes it easier for me to dress up really quick. You know how much I love everything that’s in monochrome. So yeah, I was pretty happy when the black & white trend actually made its way to the fashion scene. 

More laid back outfits? More shorts and cropped tops please! Reminiscing the summer season during the ber-months. Notice how we always have this love-hate relationships towards certain things but when we actually lose them, we end up missing it after all.

Gone are the days when I used to hate summer so much because I hated the hot scorching weather. Now I realized how much I love the summer season and how I can’t wait for next years summer getaways. But for now, I’m still looking forward to the cold ber-months. Love the sweater weather! =)

Heavens in your eyes

Amber Avenue tribal print dress

Promod fringe bag/ Jean & Rosz leather bracelets

Forever21 sunglasses

Topshop white flats

Amber Avenue ombre denim jacket

I’ve been wanting one of these denim jackets for so long now, thanks to Amber Avenue i found the perfect one. And to top it off? Its in ombre! Definitely a new favorite and a perfect match to the tribal print dress.

A comfy outfit for the day! Loving my new dress and denim jacket from Amber Avenue which is a Singapore based brand. This outfit just brings back the feeling of summer. Love love love! ❤

Wore it with a pair of white flats that i got from Topshop for a different look. Time to rest those feet from all those heels and just put on those comfy flats. I feel like |’m going somewhere out of the country (i wish!). Will definitely wear this when i go travel… Singapore perhaps? =)

Special thanks to Amber Avenue for sending me this lovely outfit! Go check them out guys! ❤

How do you like today’s outfit? ❤



Promod fringe bag/ PINKaholic assorted bangles

PINKaholic flatform sandals

Sugarlips dress

Forever21 necklace and belt

Dresses seem to be perfect for the weather here in Butuan since it has been sunny here for weeks now. Thank God for the beautiful weather. =)

What’s my perfect OOTD for a sunny day? Put on a pretty dress and some flatforms and you’re good to go! Like this dress I’m wearing Sugarlips sent me. I noticed their collection had a lot of pretty dresses, skirts and tops with light fabrics and summery prints. It made me think that their selection of clothes was just perfect for our weather here in the Philippines which is sunny for the whole year round.

Go ahead and check them out! ❤

Sooo.. That’s it for now guys! Hope you like today’s post! ❤


Coachella 2012

BestFinds Thriftshop studded shorts

Fashion Dime muscle tee/ Forever21 hat

Topshop suede boots

Promod fringe bag

Prism Shop gold tiger bangle/ Forever21 ring/ PINKaholic colored bangles

Tadah! My Going-to-Coachella outfit! haha! I wish!

Anyway, here’s a look that I’ve put up together just in case i wake up and find myself in the grounds of one of the most popular events of the year. Yes, Coachella, the annual music and arts festival.

So here I’ve decided to wear a gold and black muscle tee and a black lace bralet underneath it, high-waisted denim cut-offs, suede boots and finally, a brown fringe bag to top off my look.

Ready? hehe! See you there! Choz! ❤

Innocence, beware..

My favorite Oro nero clogs from CMG

Zara fringe top/ The Ramp denim pants/ CMG oro nero wooden clogs/ promod sling bag/ Ray-ban wayfarer sunglasses

Went out to do some errands with sis today.. “Big day” tomorrow. Its a top secret! lol! Let ya’ll know about it soon! hehe! Gotta sleep now, have to wake up early tomorrow… and i mean really early! haha! =)

goodnight loves! mwah! ❤

Its pouring rain

DIY leopard cross shirt by yours truly.. =)

FivebyFive Olsen boots

Topshop leather jacket/ DIY leopard cross shirt/ Promod green pants/ Fivebyfive olsen boots/ Aldo bracelet

And so it was raining today and it feels like there’s a storm coming. lol! I hope not, i just want a weather that brings a little chilly atmosphere, not a storm. haha!

Anyway, i was feeling a little artsy these days if you’ve noticed, remember my last post about the DIY shorts i painted? Well, yeah i did another DIY, but this time its on these old white shirt. I ripped out strips of leopard print fabric and sewed it on the shirt.. its that simple everyone. haha! Ive been eyeing on this shirt design for awhile now. Been spotting a lot of bloggers on wearing shirts like these.. then i thought “hey, why not do it yourself?” right? Lol! =p

Till next post ladies! Hope you like my DIY shirt! hehe! =)