PINKaholic SS2014 Teaser: Summer Lovin’

Summer is here and we’ve come up with a whole new collection ready to get you dressed up for summer season!

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Say Hello

After months of cold winter season, I couldn’t wait to put on my itsy bitsy shorts and gladiator sandals. Haha! I just felt the summer season coming in right away. I think I’m ready to hit the beach with this outfit. 

Say hello again to hot summery weather!

Papaya Clothing top/ Topshop denim cutoffs

Breckelle’s gladiator sandals/ Balenciaga bag

From the night I got in from a super long flight, I headed straight to Fisher Mall the next day to check out our very own PINKaholic pop-up store at their Fisher Fashion Store.

I was also pretty excited to see a few brands that we only get to see online. Just like PINKaholic, clients from Metro Manila can only shop through our website, now you can have full access of our merchandise at Fisher Malls, Fisher Fashion Store.

PINKaholic accessories!

Visit PINKaholic at the Teens Wear Department, Fisher Fashion Store, Fisher Mall.

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Circle Fountain


Finally, a chance to shoot an ootd thanks to boyfie for agreeing to take my outfit photos. Yeey! Before flying out, we had to make an agreement and I asked him if he would be willing to take my photos. Luckily, he said yes. Well, as if he had a choice. Haha!



Jeffrey Campbell Lita black/ H&M leather pants

Just had to bring my Lita boots with me. Boyfie was a little skeptical at first glance and asked me if I was sure enough to step out in these heels. I said, yeah, why not? why would I bring them with me if they weren’t comfortable to walk in? Every girl must own a pair of comfy JC Lita’s. =)


PINKaholic Ben&Jerry sweater/ YSL easy handbag/ Forever21 scarf

I also learned how to ride the Metro Train. Then maybe I could go around the city with uhmm… myself. Hehe!

This is the cutest! Saw these kids crossing the street. I had to take a photo of ‘em. =)

At Chinatown.

Last thing we did before heading home was sit around the Dupont circle fountain while people watching. =)

Hope you guys liked this blogpost! =)

Have a great week! 

Bring Me Flowers


A very late blogpost.

Backlogs are starting to pile up on my drafts lately since I was out travelling for 26hrs going to D.C. I tried to blog before flying out the next day but I didn’t had much time and sleep so I had to snooze early for my flight the next morning. 

I’m probably in D.C already by the time you guys read this blogpost. Sorry for the 6-day break guys. Hehe!


PINKaholic denim ombre vest/ Topshop purse


Tailored & Fit floral dress/ Forever21 belt


Fancy Feet wedge shoes


Now for my look, I really think there’s no need for us to worry about wearing floral prints when its not summer season. But I must admit, I used to think too much about wearing them “only” during summer. But who cares, right? I think there are a lot of ways on how we can work with florals even if its in the middle of fall season. Although it, doesn’t apply to our weather in Philippines which makes it even better. Haha!

My suggestion? Wear them with a pair of booties for a daytime look and throw on a leather jacket when you need to go on a night out in town. Simple!

Halloween is coming by the way! What are you going to be for Halloween?

Have fun you guys! =)

City of Dreams


Tailored & Fit sweater top/ PINKaholic jacket/ Topshop shorts


H&M fringe bag


S&H spiked booties


Clothezline sunglasses


Sorry for the poor quality of todays ootd photos. I hate taking outfit photos on a gloomy weather, it tends to wash out all the colors and I am no expert in tweaking it on Photoshop to make the colors look less dull. Ugh! Speaking of a gloomy weather, I actually woke up this morning to heavy rain which made me fall back to sleep and woke up late at noon. Oops! Haha! 

So today I am dressed up for a cold weather. I think it’s finally time to say goodbye to summer and hello to the cold “Ber” months. Yay, my favorite season! And that means it’s sweater season as well. But I’m actually preparing for something bigger though. Hihi! Looking forward to celebrating my cake day in real winter season. =p

Have a great week guys! =)

Show Me The Money

Zara box clutch/ Romwe silver cuffs

PINKaholic xback top and skater skirt

Luxury Mall silver lucite heels

I seldom go for anything that forces me to wear silver accessories. Haha! I really don’t know why but maybe It’s because I always find myself having a hard time mixing and matching silver accessories with clothes. As you’ve noticed I am always sporting gold accessories. Hihi!

For today’s ootd, I was actually surprised on how fast I was able to work around this ensemble and finally came up with this look. I always thought that silver will always add a rocker/punk vibe to an outfit and its not something I would normally go for on a daily basis. Hmm.. But somehow I realized that silver actually works well with any look as long as you choose the right item and of course, the old art of mixing and matching will always do the trick. =)

Enjoy your Saturday guys! Mwah!

Go Get Ice Cream


PINKaholic ice cream cropped top


PINKaholic harlequin pants/ Gold Dot clutch


Fancy Feet nude wedge sandals


This ice cream top reminds me so much of K-pop star Hyuna. Super love her music video for the song, ice cream. Cuteness! Hehe! Sometimes I spend my time just watching K-pop music videos on Youtube when I got nothing else to do. Somehow it has become one of my own forms of entertainment. =)

Anyway, for this look I couldn’t think of anything else that I could pair up with the colorful ice cream top. I didn’t wanna wear high-waisted denim shorts. I thought It would look too basic and simple if i wore a pair of denim cut-offs. So yeah, I ended up wearing these harlequin print pants for a little print on print action. Hihi! =)

What do you guys think? =)