New Buys + Makeup Review

Been dying to do this makeup review on these amazing products!


By the way, I didn’t get all of these together in one shopping bag, okay?  These are just some of the makeups that i bought over the past weeks. And i just wanted to share to you guys my current faves and what i have been using lately. 


Have you guys heard of MeMeMe? 

If you love creamy, long-wearing and bold colored lipsticks then i’m pretty sure you’ll love these lippies. Lovin’ these to bits! By the way, they smell great! I can’t stop smacking my lips just so i can get a smell of them through my mouth. haha! 

What i got: 07 Hot Magenta and 09 Coral Cloak

Another product i got from them is the Blush me! in Coral. I love how this product comes with a built-in mirror inside and a brush as well. Perfect for your everyday makeup bag. 

I’m actually used to putting on pink blushes since it tends to make you look fresh and more natural. But I’ve always wanted to try coral pinks on my cheeks so i just had to try this. So far, i’m not really sure if its the color for me, i think coral blushes looks great on girls who have darker skin tones, but i’m still using this anyway. hehe! I’ve noticed that women who have darker skin tones who use coral pink blushes make their skin look golden. It just looks prettier on them. Hehe! So yeah, i am recommending this to all morena girls out there. I hope you’ll love this too. =)

These are my first MeMeMe products by the way, and so far i am loving all of them.


These are Stick Blushes from NYX and i have been wanting these since forever! I just didn’t know where i can find them. Hehe! So here they are, finally. Stick blushes, i am loving these as well, I’m just not sure about the packaging and how you’re suppose to use it. Its really not that hygienic when you stick your fingers into a product and putting it on your face. Besides, rubbing your fingers on your face will ruin your newly set foundation/powder, right? *wink*

Here’s what i do: I dab some of the product onto my cheeks and i use a small kabuki brush to blend it outwards. And i’m done. =)

What i got: 01 Magnolia and 06 Orchid


Now on to the lippies!

These are also from NYX and these are called… oh i’m sure you’ve all heard of this. hehe! Soft Matte Lip Creams.. Yummy yummy yummy! I use these to top off my lipstick so it gives out a matte finish. I don’t really use it directly on my lips since it tends to dry out my whole lips. So yeah, i like using these as my matte-ifiers (if thats even a word). =)

What i got: Antwerp and Istanbul


Now for the foundation. This is Chanel, Perfection Lumiere, Long-wear, Flawless Fluid Makeup with SPF 10. Heard a lot of good reviews about this and how light it feels on your skin, its like wearing no foundation at all. True! Flawless? Yes. And i love that it has a little spf in it. A little pricey though, so i won’t be using this on a daily basis. Haha! I’m saving this for special occasions only. 

What i got: 22 Beige Rose


Have you guys tried lipsticks from Miners? Must-have for every girl. This lippie just stays on your lips for hours! Its like wearing lipstick with lip tint all rolled into one and it doesn’t even dry out your lips. Who wouldn’t love that? I actually used this on my recent makeup tutorial

Thank you, rhea for this gift! Hehe! =)

What i got: Miners, lip colour in Icon


Nyx Black Label Lipstick. I strongly believe that these are far more better than the Nyx Round lipsticks. These are moisturizing, doesn’t dry out your lips and its not too glossy or creamy. I was never really a fan of the round lipsticks as they tend to melt easily and mess up your makeup bag. That happened to me once. And no, i didn’t left it out under the sun. They also break while you’re putting them on. Haha! Funny, but true. They’re just too soft.

What i did: I depotted all of my Nyx round lipsticks and placed them in tiny pill boxes. I just dip my lip brushes whenever i needed to use them.

What i got: Summer in Hampton


Last product. Benefit, They’re Real mascara. Loving these so much! Another product with great reviews. I heard a lot of great feedbacks on this from some of my friends as well. 

I like to apply this around 2 to 3 coats since i really have thin and sparse lashes so in order for them to appear more full i just pile up a few more coats. So far, i am so loving this mascara!

Sooo… i think that wraps up this whole makeup review guys. I hope you like todays post about beauty. Let me know if you want to see more makeup reviews from me and let me know what you think. Hehe! =)

Have a great day everyone!