Animal Instinct

BlackFive dress/ Pretty Little Blings necklace

Forever21 bag

Forever21 stilettos

Dressing up for todays ootd! What I love most about these type of printed dresses is how you can easily dress them up for parties or dress it down casually for a day at the mall or when you’re out running errands. For an everyday look, I’d go for a pair of white slip-ons or some flats for a comfy look. 

Back in the days, I used to hate wearing dresses. My mom would always put me in these girly dresses that had puffy skirts. I’d always take ‘em off and change back into my favorite pair of jeans and shirt… Don’t forget the Skechers. Haha! Never thought I’d learn to appreciate dresses now. They’re like the girliest sh*t ever made and I love ‘em! Haha! 

Sweet Nothing


Romwe dress/ Oasap cardigan


Zara box clutch/ Michael Kors watch


Bershka necklace


I just love a good cardigan since I get cold easily. I own a ton of cardigans and this is my current fave because of its print and the soft fabric as well. I was actually suppose to bring this with me to my US trip but I didn’t get it on time. Should have shipped it to boyfie’s address instead. Oh well.. hehe!


Mango satin pumps


Whew! That was a long week. I’m so bummed that I never got to go swimming at the beach now that the sun is out. All I did in last weeks non working days was watch TV, eat and sleep. Haha! I know, that’s so unhealthy. But good thing my mom was up for a 2hr drive to the coast just to eat lunch on the side of the beach where seafood was uh-mazing! Now why didn’t I take photos of that?

Anyway, Bazaar for All season is coming up guys! I will be there the whole day of May 3 to 4. Don’t forget to drop by my booth and score some pre-loved goodies of my own. =) And of course, I will also be bringing with me PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe. =)

See you there!

By the way, I’ll be giving away free tickets to the bazaar so stay tuned! =)

Blanc Canvas

Zara dress/ Urban Outfitters leather bag/ H&M tights

The dress is indeed a blank canvas and I chose to wear it without accessories to keep it minimal and simple. Now I don’t know where I can wear this again. I might have to go some place with a much colder weather since it’s a little too thick for a warm tropical country like ours. But overall, I really love everything about this dress.

H&M studded booties

I just knew it that I would probably be in the Philippines by the time I post this ootd. This was my last ootd shoot in Old Town Alexandria as I was already running out of clothes to wear. I think I bought more makeup than clothes. Eeek! Haha!

I’m actually sad that I’m back home now but happy as well… I know, It’s a bittersweet feeling. I had to leave boyfie back in the US but at the same time when I got home, I get to see my 2 babies, Gucci and Fendi. I have been dying to see them for months and now I get to finally cuddle up with my two cuties. =)

So how is everyone? =)

I Heart NYC

H&M infinity scarf and denim top/ Forever21 jacket/ Balenciaga bag

Oasap leggings/ Urban Outfitters boots

Quick ootd post and it’s another one from my New York trip. This was our last day in New York so we headed straight to the Empire State Building to get a glimpse of the New York Skyline early in morning since we got lucky enough that it didn’t get too foggy that day. Anyway, if you guys haven’t read my post about my trip to NYC, read about it here.

So about the look, I was actually wearing the same jacket over and over during the whole trip. Well, simply because it was the only jacket I felt warm and comfortable in and it matched every piece that I wanted to bring with me for the trip. I know, eww gross.. haha!

Have blast everyone! =) Mwah!

Chloe’s Cafe in San Francisco

Don’t you just hate long waiting lines at restaurants? Waiting lists that takes minutes or even hours just to be seated? Well.. When you’re at Chloe’s Cafe in San Francisco, patience pays off. They serve traditional all-american breakfast and brunch. I think they also serve lunch and dinner as well but I’m actually glad we went there for breakfast. Breakfast is my most favourite meal of the day. Though I really hate waking up early in the morning. Haha!

I also heard that Chloe’s Cafe is a very famous neighbourhood cafe in Noe Valley at Church street. Known for its breakfast meals from buttermilk pancakes, scrambled eggs to french toasts. Definitely a must-try when you are in San Francisco.

imageimageimageimageimageimage I love how they kept the whole place looking very cozy and “homey”. Old-fashioned table cloths, chairs, kitchen cupboards and coffee mugs. Although the place seemed a bit too tiny inside, you can also choose to be seated outside especially on a beautiful sunny day.


I know breakfast food may seem too simple for me to rave about how good it was. But seriously, when I say its good, it’s really good. In fact, the food was great! No wonder they managed to have long waiting lines outside the cafe. 

My favourite? The avocado and cheese scrambled eggs and their buttermilk pancakes. 


In other matters… Hehe! I reeeeaaaally love how most business establishments here in the US allow pets inside restaurants, coffee shops and malls. Look at this cutie right here!

P.S Many thanks to our lovely friends Fiona, Karyl and Memo for taking us to Chloe’s Cafe and of course, around San Francisco. Mwah! =)

Circle Fountain


Finally, a chance to shoot an ootd thanks to boyfie for agreeing to take my outfit photos. Yeey! Before flying out, we had to make an agreement and I asked him if he would be willing to take my photos. Luckily, he said yes. Well, as if he had a choice. Haha!



Jeffrey Campbell Lita black/ H&M leather pants

Just had to bring my Lita boots with me. Boyfie was a little skeptical at first glance and asked me if I was sure enough to step out in these heels. I said, yeah, why not? why would I bring them with me if they weren’t comfortable to walk in? Every girl must own a pair of comfy JC Lita’s. =)


PINKaholic Ben&Jerry sweater/ YSL easy handbag/ Forever21 scarf

I also learned how to ride the Metro Train. Then maybe I could go around the city with uhmm… myself. Hehe!

This is the cutest! Saw these kids crossing the street. I had to take a photo of ‘em. =)

At Chinatown.

Last thing we did before heading home was sit around the Dupont circle fountain while people watching. =)

Hope you guys liked this blogpost! =)

Have a great week! 

Bitch, don’t kill my vibe


Rockin’ the bad girl vibe in this look yesterday. Just had a sudden urge to look all grunge-y. Lol. I also wanted to wear these new babies out so I could take them for a road test. Too bad it rained right after I took these outfit photos. Infact, It was already raining while we were shooting this look. So yeah, I wouldn’t risk getting them all tainted in dirt. I had to put them back in the box… Maybe some other time


Gifi Clothing muscle tee/ Topshop plaid shirt/ Forever21 shorts/ Marc by Marc Jacobs watch


Fly Shades in Cayenne


Paperplanes Manila customized S3 phone case

So lovin’ my customized phone case! Check out my post about Paperplanes Manila to know more about their products and other customized stuffs.


Jeffrey Campbell ZOMG


So, how’s everyone doing? Actually, today is the celebration for Butuan City Charter Day and that means no classes for students here in Butuan. Hehe! But we don’t usually call it Charter Day, Butuanon’s call it, Adlaw Hong Butuan. Hmm.. I wonder what’s in store for all the Butuanon’s later tonight. Hehe!

Have a great weekend guys! =)