Toying Around

Naked Clothing top and skirt set/ Forever21 gold heels

Moms vintage clutch/ Forever21 necklace


These top and skirt sets have been around the fashion scene since the last year and I don’t think it’s going away anytime soon. I actually find them very useful when you couldn’t think of anything else to wear on a date or a party. Notice how most of these sets are made to be dressy and form fitting? Perfect for romantic dates or a fun party with your girl friends. 

The only thing you’re gonna worry about when it comes to sets are the shoes you’ll be wearing and the accessories that would go perfectly to complete the ensemble. I think that makes everything else easier, right?

White Camou


Naked Clothing top/ PINKaholic camou skirt/ Topshop bag

The perfect blank canvass as I would call it. It’s white and I love how the sleeves drape down perfectly. Perfect for any type of look. I would wear it with a pair of denim shorts for a casual look as well. 


Icy earrings


Forever21 stilettos

Say hello to our dog, Aaron. =)

If you guys have noticed, these heels are probably my most favorite pair of stilettos of all time. I think I have worn them with almost all of my outfits. One of the reasons why every girl should always keep a pair of black high heels in her shoe closet. They always come in handy.


Sorry if I said this was last nights post. Out internet has been acting up lately and I couldn’t even load facebook on. Ugh! It always happens when it rains. Haha! Does anyone encounter the same problem as mine? I find it sooo weird. Lols

Anyway, TGIF! It’s Friday again! It’s that day of the week wherein everyone plans out something for the night. My favorite day of the week. Hihi! It’s also my favorite day of the week to dress up. I know a lot of girls do too. Of course, It’s the weekend and I know everyone has been waiting for it. 

Enjoy guys! Mwah!

Blue Skies


Mango bag/ Charlotte Russe love necklace


Bershka heels

I have been obsessing over white heels lately, good thing I found the perfect pair from Bershka. Perfect heel height and design. Goes well with almost everything. New faves at the very moment!


Naked Clothing top/ Style Quench leather origami shorts


Our super “kulit” dachshund always joins me for a photo op. I’m sure you’ve seen her in one of my Instagram posts. hehe! Meet Piper. =)


Whew! Finally, I got the chance to catch the sun yesterday before it gets really dark and gloomy. Been having such a hard time finding time to shoot my ootd’s since it’s been raining like crazy here. And speaking of rainy season, ber-month has just started. Wow.. That was fast. Cold nights, rainy season and sweater weather.