Yay! Finally, PINKaholic is now open!

This post is going to give you a little peek on what our space looks like. Giving out directions on how to get there as well so its easier for you guys to find us. Hihi!

For those of you who haven’t heard of our recent opening in the Metro. PINKaholic now has its very own pop-up store at the newly opened Fisher Fashion Store, Fisher Mall in Quezon City. 


This is how the entrance looks like on the second floor right above the Supermarket and right in front is the men’s section.

PINKaholic is located at the Teens Wear Department right after the cosmetics section and the escalator. Well, piece of cake! Hehe! =)

Oh and by the way, thank you sooo much to all the bloggers who came by to visit PINKaholic. We really appreciate your effort in finding time just to drop by. Love yah! =)