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PINKaholic dress


Mel’s Collection “Love” wire bracelet/ SDT Charms year of the rabbit lucky charm bracelet


Zara heels


Bershka canvas clutch


“Blog Your Dreams”, completely in love with this phrase. I do think I am blogging my dreams since its what i loved to do ever since i started it. I blog mostly about all the things that keeps me interested in life. I have always been into this whole fashion craze and so far i have been blogging about it for almost 2 years now. And just like any other person in the world, who wouldn’t want to travel around the globe? I Hope that one day I would be able to do that as well.

Then again, I am writing late night blog posts and Saving Private Ryan is on the TV right now. I haven’t seen this movie but I’m hating it already and I do love Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg but movie ratings/reviews aren’t going to convince me on how great this movie is. I’ve always hated war films, i find them boring and depressing. I’d rather watch ancient war movies. Anyway, I am not writing this at 4 or 5 in the morning if that’s what you’re thinking. Hihi! If you’ve been very keen on following my every posts, then you have probably read something about how i sleep late at night and why i love to blog during those late night hours. Well, my ability to write is in full-drive (i think…) Lol. =p

Enjoy the weekend everyone! Friday is fly-day! hehe! =)

Mel’s Collection

Customized bracelets anyone?

I’ve been seeing a lot of these wire word bracelets lately and it amazes me how you can actually turn an ordinary gold shiny wire into an armcandy. Not just armcandies, these cuties also come in rings and necklaces.

Check out some of my favorite pieces from Mel’s Collection. =)


Visit Mel’s Collection‘s for more on these cute handmade wire bracelets.