Feel Good Inc.

Romwe printed top/ For Me belt

H&M x Versace jacket/ PINKaholic striped shorts

Jeffrey Campbell Lita black

So this is a look that i would likely suggest to keep you warm this cold and rainy ber-month season without looking too winter-y. hehe!

Here I’m wearing a top from Romwe and a pair of black and white shorts from PINKaholic’s Let it Reign collection. It’s still available by the way. =) And to top off my look a pair of Lita’s and the H&M x Versace jacket that i got as a gift from my sister.

Sooo.. Hows everyone doing? I’ll be doing a makeup tutorial soon. haha! I hope I’ll get it right. *fingers crossed* I hope that my attempt on bringing something else into my blog will be a great addition to my daily posts and not just sticking to my usual ootd posts. I think doing makeup tutorial would be fun… Time to throw in some new things. =)

That’s it for now guys! Hope you like my today’s look!


All Stood Still

PINKaholic sheer top and graphic skirt

Pink Ribbon Shop neon cuffs

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

I’ve been itching to wear these graphic skirts since the day we released it on PINKaholic. Its from our latest collection “Let It Reign”. I just had to wear it asap. Hehe! The top is also from PINKaholic which is still very much available. So anyway, have you guys shopped yet? We still have a few pieces left from the collection and you all have to check them out. hehe!

Later guys, this is just a quick post. Mwah!

Oops by the way, i have a few more giveaways coming up and i hope you can all join them. Teehee! ❤


Dark Paradise

PINKaholic maxi skirt/ H&M button up top

Zara belt

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

Called it Dark Paradise from one of Lana Del Rey’s songs. Yeah, i still can’t get enough of her music till now. I listen to her like every single day whenever i get the chance to.

Anywaaay, here’s yesterdays outfit. Went out with some friends last night. Its been ages since the last time i went out to party on a Saturday! Well, not really “to party”. I’d like to call it “chillin’” since we weren’t dancing. Just a few drinks and a lot of talking. Lol!

Later guys! mwah! ❤

It ain’t over yet

Yey! My first outfit post from a week out of town.. uhmm.. away from the computer actually.. haha!

WAGW cut-out sweater

Sugarlips midas shorts

I love all the sequined details on these shorts.. I can go all rocker to girly with these! Will definitely do another look on these soon! =)

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

So heres what im wearing today. I know what you’re thinking.. “why the hell is she wearing knits when its almost summer?” haha! Heres why: Rainy days still ain’t over here in Butuan! And yes, it gets freakin’ cold then its sunny again and id rather be all covered up than catch a cold from wearing backless tops. hehe!

Oh by the way… Tadah!!! My new hair! haha! Im starting to lose my curls.. sad.. =(

Check out the package they sent! It was wrapped up in red wrapping paper and all boxed up with love.. hehe!

Thank you so much Sugarlips! =)

My Sequined Sweater

YSL easy bag/ Jeffrey Campbell Lita black

cross earrings & spiked necklace both from Forever21

Forever21 sequined sweater/ Topshop daisy dukes/ Zara black tights/ Jeffrey Campbell Lita/ YSL easy bag

Time for an outfit post! This was last saturdays outfit from day to night.. Took outfit shots before i left butuan cuz’ i didn’t have someone with me who would be willing enough to take photos. Lol! Didn’t even bother taking my camera with me. Sorry guys, im still in the process of deciding on what camera to buy. haha! Something that i would love to carry around with me at all times. Lol!


Black To Black

Last day of PFW.. watched Grand Allure, Jerome Salaya Ang, Noel Crisostomo and Sassa Jimenez. One of the best shows of Philippine Fashion Week i must say. For me, it was the highlight of my whole week for PFW. One of my favorites? I’d have to say Jerome Ang, Noel Crisostomo and Sassa Jimenez. Everything was just amazing! It was worth the wait. Although wickedying and i were standing for the whole duration of the show, hmm.. it was all worth it. Every piece was just breathtaking.

Mango basic white top/ Topshop leather jacket/ PINKaholic x SDY sheer pleated skirt/ Jeffrey Campbell black lita

Wore my own skirt design for PINKaholic x SDY. Decided to wear something dark today ‘cuz i wanted to wear my leather jacket.. and the skirt was the only thing that goes perfectly with it. 

Mango clutch

I have always loved this clutch. I’ve had it since my college days.. good thing its still alive. hehe! Im so inlove with the colors. =)

Forever21 accessories

Wickedying wearing PINKaholic x SDY dress

Doesn’t she look fab in this dress? ..and i love her new glittery shoesies! Wicked! =p

Anyway, my sister, wickedying and I are going to a halloween party tomorrow. Super excited with our costumes.. Guess who we’re gonna be..! hehe!

Later guys! and oh.. Happy Halloween! ❤

Its Metallic

Touchdown Manila!!!

Hello ladies! I’m back! ugh.. wasn’t able to update my blog yesterday, sorry ‘bout that.. hehe! My energy got super drained, came home a bit late lastnight… not that late actually. It was just way past my blogging time, got super tired from all the mall hopping i’ve done with wickedying. nyahaha! I still have a lot to blog about.. Like A LOT! So anyway, here’s yesterdays look of the day. Its Metallic! Im so loving this trend. I think its so effortless! hehe! Coming soon on PINKaholic!

PINKaholic metallic top (coming soon)/ Topshop high waist shorts/ Forever21 cross necklace/ YSL easy bag

Jeffrey Campbell Lita black

I just gotta take photos of our shopping bags. hahaha! sssshhhhh!

Super cute shoes! im so loving wickedying‘s miumiu chunky heels! =)

Mini burgers from Secret Recipes.. Not exactly “mini” more like “Bite-size” haha!

Caramel something cake.. yummmm.. =)