Blanc Canvas

Zara dress/ Urban Outfitters leather bag/ H&M tights

The dress is indeed a blank canvas and I chose to wear it without accessories to keep it minimal and simple. Now I don’t know where I can wear this again. I might have to go some place with a much colder weather since it’s a little too thick for a warm tropical country like ours. But overall, I really love everything about this dress.

H&M studded booties

I just knew it that I would probably be in the Philippines by the time I post this ootd. This was my last ootd shoot in Old Town Alexandria as I was already running out of clothes to wear. I think I bought more makeup than clothes. Eeek! Haha!

I’m actually sad that I’m back home now but happy as well… I know, It’s a bittersweet feeling. I had to leave boyfie back in the US but at the same time when I got home, I get to see my 2 babies, Gucci and Fendi. I have been dying to see them for months and now I get to finally cuddle up with my two cuties. =)

So how is everyone? =)

A Walk In The Park

Took a walk in Central Park with ze boyfie. Clearly this place is the most romantic park I have ever been to. Not that I have been to a lot of parks before but maybe above all that I have visited this is by far the most romantic one. Although every single one of them has its own allure. I’d love to visit again soon during the summer, I’m sure it will be just as beautiful as it is during winter season. image image image

PINKaholic tweed dress/ Oasap knit cardigan

image image

Rarelove Jewelry flower wreath necklace

Adding up some sparkle, I had to put on this multi-colored stone necklace from Rarelove Jewelry. I think it’s the perfect addition to any modest look. 


H&M boots/ YSL bag

image image image image No wonder they shoot a lot of romantic chick flicks here. It is sooo beautiful especially when you visit it on a snowy day in NY. Snow makes everything so beautiful!image image 

My visit to Central Park was surely one of my most unforgettable moments in NYC. I was so thrilled to find out that the park was just a few blocks away from our hotel. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my latest ootd post guys!

By the way, I’d really love it if you guys could share your favorite movies that took place in Central Park. I’d love to watch them! As for me, I’m pretty sure I shared some of my own favorites on my last blog post. Hehe! Don’t mind me… I’m a sucker for chick flicks. Haha!

Have a great week! =)

Leather Love

Pedro platform heels

Forever21 knit top/ Forever21 leather pants/ Pedro platform heels/ YSL easy bag/ Aldo watch/ Ray-ban wayfarer

Got back from cebu last sunday, and this is what i wore for a short flight from cebu to butuan.. around 45minutes, i think. hehe! Decided to go for something comfy, laidback and perfect for sunday. And this is what i came up with. hehe! The leather pants were actually the highlight of this whole ensemble. I paired it with a loose knit top to tone down the rock-ish feel of the leather pants.

Hope you like it guys! mwah! ❤


Look what got into my mail! Goodies fresh from new york! =)

Here’s what’s inside:

DJC Existence , 3” disc earrings, made from hand-cut reclaimed leather. Very lightweight.. not to mention very stylish. Aren’t they fab? Will do a look on these soon! =)

Thank you Devin! ❤

sniff sniff! my echoserang fendi sniffing my package! hehe!

I fell inlove with the shoe box!!!!! ❤

Tadah! My JC nightwalks! Been waiting for you for a month baby! hehe! They’re finally here! =)

Trying them on.. i could run in these kicks! Soooooo comfy! ❤

Black To Black

Last day of PFW.. watched Grand Allure, Jerome Salaya Ang, Noel Crisostomo and Sassa Jimenez. One of the best shows of Philippine Fashion Week i must say. For me, it was the highlight of my whole week for PFW. One of my favorites? I’d have to say Jerome Ang, Noel Crisostomo and Sassa Jimenez. Everything was just amazing! It was worth the wait. Although wickedying and i were standing for the whole duration of the show, hmm.. it was all worth it. Every piece was just breathtaking.

Mango basic white top/ Topshop leather jacket/ PINKaholic x SDY sheer pleated skirt/ Jeffrey Campbell black lita

Wore my own skirt design for PINKaholic x SDY. Decided to wear something dark today ‘cuz i wanted to wear my leather jacket.. and the skirt was the only thing that goes perfectly with it. 

Mango clutch

I have always loved this clutch. I’ve had it since my college days.. good thing its still alive. hehe! Im so inlove with the colors. =)

Forever21 accessories

Wickedying wearing PINKaholic x SDY dress

Doesn’t she look fab in this dress? ..and i love her new glittery shoesies! Wicked! =p

Anyway, my sister, wickedying and I are going to a halloween party tomorrow. Super excited with our costumes.. Guess who we’re gonna be..! hehe!

Later guys! and oh.. Happy Halloween! ❤

Its pouring rain

DIY leopard cross shirt by yours truly.. =)

FivebyFive Olsen boots

Topshop leather jacket/ DIY leopard cross shirt/ Promod green pants/ Fivebyfive olsen boots/ Aldo bracelet

And so it was raining today and it feels like there’s a storm coming. lol! I hope not, i just want a weather that brings a little chilly atmosphere, not a storm. haha!

Anyway, i was feeling a little artsy these days if you’ve noticed, remember my last post about the DIY shorts i painted? Well, yeah i did another DIY, but this time its on these old white shirt. I ripped out strips of leopard print fabric and sewed it on the shirt.. its that simple everyone. haha! Ive been eyeing on this shirt design for awhile now. Been spotting a lot of bloggers on wearing shirts like these.. then i thought “hey, why not do it yourself?” right? Lol! =p

Till next post ladies! Hope you like my DIY shirt! hehe! =)