PINKaholic floral dress/ Forever21 leather jacket

Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Lady/ Forever21 earrings

They say that everyone should invest in a good watch. I do agree to that since I am the type of person who doesn’t leave home without wearing one. Watches have always been one of my wardrobe staples, not only is it functional but a good accessory as well. 

My first leather strap watch and I am totally in love with my classic bristol lady watch from Daniel Wellington. Love the vintage-y feel it has with its leather straps and a simple gold and white clock-face. Definitely a great quality watch at a good price.


Forever21 gold heels

Zara studded clutch

I guess I’m ready for a date night… Except that boyfie is not around. And I don’t think that this is your typical girly and sweet dating outfit either. Not with the leather jacket and the studded clutch, but for me it gives a cool different vibe to your usual dating outfits. Nowadays, I think it doesn’t really matter whether you’re wearing a dress or not, but for me, I like to mix up a little of that “biker chick” vibe into a “sweet girl-next-door” look. 

So here I decided to throw on a leather jacket over a floral dress. The embroidered gold baroque on the jacket with the floral prints gave out a romantic feel. Kept the rest of my look simple as I want the jacket and the dress to stand out from the rest. 

Rodeo Drive


It was a perfect sunny day to go on a tour around the beautiful city of Los Angeles. Perfect day to wear this dress without worrying too much about the weather. I just threw on a leather jacket and a pair of boots to keep me warm on a slightly cold weather in L.A.


PINKaholic dress/ Wet Seal leather jacket/ Report boots/ Balenciaga bag


So this is what I wore during our one day tour around Los Angeles. Boyfie was like, “Seriously… you’re wearing a dress?” Why not? hehe!

So on our tour, we had to ride a hop-on-hop-off tour bus to get around the famous spots in L.A and those buses had 2nd floors so yeah, maybe that made him ask me if I was really gonna wear a dress. Haha! Anyway, I was actually freezing my face out in the cold wind I couldn’t feel my cheeks anymore and even gave me a runny nose without being aware. I know, gross.. Haha! 

Really had so much fun during my visit to L.A! Still cannot believe it! =)

Winning Fight


PINKaholic frill skirt/ Persunmall Tshirt/ Wetseal leather jacket


Balenciaga bag/ Jeffrey Campbell lita boots


Persunmall necklace


Winning fight since I actually did this ootd shoot on the day of Pacman’s boxing fight against Rios. We met up with a few friends in San Francisco and watched the game at Hooters. Lol. Had so much fun cheering for our very own Filipino boxing champ. Yes, I know that was like weeks ago but here it is anyway. Hehe! 

So boyfie and I were very happy with the weather in San Francisco. Yes, It was cold but at least it was tolerable compared to what we have here in DC wherein you need to be all covered up or else get your a** frozen outside. Haha! It started snowing last sunday as well.. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Waaah! Beee-yooo-tiful! Couldn’t stop throwing snowballs at boyfie. Haha! Made my day! Well, as the song goes… “It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas”.

Merry Christmas guys! Have a great week! Mwah!

Life is a velvet crowbar, hitting you over the head


Topshop alexus boots


Plush Clothing aztec print dress/ Mango leather jacket


Oasap lion head necklace/ Forever21 triangle nekclace


I am currently re-organizing my closet. Tossing all my summer clothes at the back and pulling out all my knits and jackets. Yay! I love this kind of weather. I can finally go all crazy with the sweaters and boots now.  =)

This is actually one of my first outfits to wear leathers jackets again. I didn’t wanna look ridiculous by wearing the jacket at summertime wherein its scorching hot outside. I’m willing to let myself turn on the “tiis-ganda” mode but if I’m sweating it out under the sun then I think i’ll pass. haha! But for this look, i can always take off the jacket if i want to and tie it around my waist. 

And that is all for now guys.. Hope you like it!

Happy thursday everyone! =)

Copy Cat

PINKaholic cat prince dress

Romwe silver spiked ring/ Forever21 spiked bracelet

Check out this huuuge ass ring i got from Romwe! Super cool! =p

Topshop leather jacket

Topshop suede boots

Rayban wayfarers

Get your jackets and cardigans ready everyone ‘cuz rainy season is here.. Aren’t you bummed about the weather nowadays? Like when you’re all dressed up for a good sunny weather then suddenly rain comes in and ruins your outfit plans. Lol!

So here’s today’s outfit… Wore this cat prince dress from PINKaholic. Paired it with my suede boots and leather jacket. Its a sleeveless dress, so I can always take off the leather jacket if it gets too warm.

The dress is still very much available. Its from the Cosmic Dream collection. Click HERE to shop! Remember to login or register first to view our prices and complete details about each item.

Hope you guys like todays outfit! ❤