Femmex graphic dress/ H&M x Versace bomber jacket/ Zara studded clutch


Topshop booties


Named this look after Jessie J’s Domino music video wherein she’s wearing the same jacket. Better late than never! Hihi!

Anyway, I guess graphic prints will always be a hit among girls like me who likes dressing up in prints and stacking on more prints at the same time. But of course, both prints should always compliment each other to avoid clashing and mismatching of prints. As for this look, the dress is in black and white alone so I had to add up a little color to make it look more lively. 

I think this look is perfect for fall season.. Well, if we had fall season. Hehe!  But anyway, I’d still go for this look on occasions like dinner with the girls or just a fun night out in town.

Hope you like todays look guys! Have a great week! =)

Feel Good Inc.

Romwe printed top/ For Me belt

H&M x Versace jacket/ PINKaholic striped shorts

Jeffrey Campbell Lita black

So this is a look that i would likely suggest to keep you warm this cold and rainy ber-month season without looking too winter-y. hehe!

Here I’m wearing a top from Romwe and a pair of black and white shorts from PINKaholic’s Let it Reign collection. It’s still available by the way. =) And to top off my look a pair of Lita’s and the H&M x Versace jacket that i got as a gift from my sister.

Sooo.. Hows everyone doing? I’ll be doing a makeup tutorial soon. haha! I hope I’ll get it right. *fingers crossed* I hope that my attempt on bringing something else into my blog will be a great addition to my daily posts and not just sticking to my usual ootd posts. I think doing makeup tutorial would be fun… Time to throw in some new things. =)

That’s it for now guys! Hope you like my today’s look!


Valentines day in HongKong

H&M x Versace jacket

Excuse my brother at the back. hehe!

Topshop skirt and tights/ FivebyFive boots/ Balenciaga bag

Hello everyone! Its good to be back and blogging again.. hehe! Wow! Its been a week.. woohoo! Finally got back home from a trip to HongKong. It was also my first time to spend valentines day outside of the country. hehe! So yeah, heres what i wore on valentines day. It was pretty cold in Hongkong this month soooo, i wore my H&M x Versace jacket that my sister got me for my birthday, a shirt underneath, a skirt from topshop, tights and some boots.

More posts coming soon about my trip to HongKong. hehe! =)