Hello Dominique!

Waaaaah! Ive been waiting for this package for a week! Finally here! Christmas gift for meeeee!!! Haha!

Weeee! I got super excited when i opened to find a new design of shoe box! =)

Collecting JC shoe boxes from now on.. hehe!

Look what greeted me! hehe! Kyoooot! ❤ Okay now, watch it, lady. lol!

These shoes may look fierce and all, but they also weight a ton. Yes, they’re pretty heavy, thanks to all the spikey hardware pierced all around it. That explains all the gel cushions i’ve stuck on them. hehe! =)

Meet Jeffrey Campbell’s Dominique! Merry Christmas to me! hehe!

Totally diggin’ these babies the moment i saw them.. They’re like everything i’ve always wanted for my shoes to look like! Sky high, platforms, spikes and of course.. in black. hehe! I literally panicked the moment i saw them online and very much available in my size. I started flapping my hands as if i saw something that would make any girl go crazy or should i say.. go “kilig”. haha! It was like seeing Bradley Cooper in the flesh! haha! Can’t wait to wear ‘em!

Happy Holidays everyone! mwah! ❤