On Backwards


Femmex earrings


Femmex midi dress/ Forever21 denim vest/ Jeffrey Campbell Lita black

In love with this midi dress that I got from Femmex. Love the fabric, print, the cut and especially the slit. I actually thought it would be nicer if I had the slit right in front and besides, who would ever notice? The print makes it so hard to tell that I had this on backwards. Hehe! I can even move freely! =p


Pretty Little Blings lionhead bracelet/ Femmex colored ring/ Zara studed clutch


I’m back with a new OOTD. =)  Why is it that whenever I don’t get to blog for a span of 3 days it already feels like I haven’t blogged for a week? Haha! Hmm.. Atleast I have tested my blogging consistency for 2 years already. Being unable to blog for a week feels like something went missing in my day to day routine.

I do hope you guys enjoy my blog as much as i enjoy writing them. =)

Have a great week!

Happy In Pink


Femme Fatale dress


Forever21 purse/ Trinkets In Style gold bangle/ SDT Charms bracelet


Romwe gold floral necklace


Fancy Feet gold snakeskin pumps


On the contrary, my facial expression doesn’t seem to look so happy. But trust me, deep down inside, I really am happy in pink. Hihi! I’m just not into so much of that happy smiling poses when shooting for ootd’s. Hmm.. Maybe I should try that every once in awhile don’t you think? Yeah, maybe. =p

So time for my next ootd. What I love about this dress? The cutouts on its sleeves, that would be my favorite part of the dress. It’s a solid pink color so its really easy to style and I also love a dress that’s cinched at the waist area so it makes your waist look smaller and hips look wider. It’s a mini dress too so it would make your legs look longer as well. That’s why I love wearing mini’s since I am petite. hehe!

Ziba Collection

I found this great online site that sells accessories called Ziba Collection. I love how their pieces are able to achieve a classic feel to it and make it look modern as well. 

I am actually one of those girls out there who prefers gold pieces to accessorize. I think Ziba Collection is perfect for us since majority of their items are in gold statement pieces which i love love love!  

Take your pick on these lovely pieces i have put together!



Find them on:


New In: 11.05.12

Look what came in to my mail! =)

Dominique, a newly opened online shop that sells accessories from necklaces to rings. The prices you ask? Pocket friendly! Rings are priced at php75! I say that’s a pretty reasonable price for a ring. Wait, I don’t wanna spoil the fun but you’ll have to check out the rest of their collection and don’t forget to like their page! =)

Check out their tags! So cute! Its like one of those tickets in the movies. Hehe!

…And it comes with a note. Sweet! ❤

I’ve always had a thing for collecting accessories and all the little-est stuff that you can actually wear in order to look accessorized *wink*. Although i don’t really pile them up so much i still like to stock them up in my dresser. Call me a hoarder but i like looking at them sparkly things. Lol! You never know when you’re gonna need them. Uhmm.. that would be everyday. Haha! I also tend to get pretty attached to just one accessory and use it over and over. So far my current fave has started to tarnish and it has turned into a yucky discolored golden whatever-color-that-is. Hihi!

Thank you so much Dominique! ❤


Roaring Metallic

YSL easy bag/ Asian Vogue wedge

Topshop tiger top/ H&M metallic gold pants/ Forever21 cross earrings

…And so im back peeps! Time to post some major backlogs. haha! Anyway, just got back from a short vacay from Cebu yesterday.

About the look: Here’s what i wore last thursday when i left for cebu. Wasn’t able to blog about the look since i didn’t brought with me my lappy during the trip. Too heavy! Didn’t want any extra hand baggage with me and besides, i doubt it if i can even go online at the end of the day. Lol! Sooo, i finally got to wear my metallic gold pants and the top that i luuurve so much! hehe! I didn’t care if my outfit was too much for a daytime look. I just had to wear these pants! haha!

Later peeps! Missed yah! mwah!

PFW: Day 7

This day was just awesome.. hands down! Went to PFW to watch the SLIM’S at 50 show. Will be blogging about that once i get back to Butuan. Still have a lot to blog about. huhuuuu… backlog alert! Busy week! choz! haha!

Anyway, i think tonights show was amazing! Took a lot of photos actually, but my camera wouldn’t cooperate! ugh! I wanted to toss it all the way down to the first floor of SMX! A lot of my shots were all too blurry and shaky.. I don’t know why i couldn’t get good shots. This is so frustrating! I couldn’t get it to work for me! Maybe i just don’t know how to tweak it. haha!

PINKaholic metallic top (coming soon)

Forever21 accessories

Daryl Chang, i was literally shaking when i asked her if i could take a photo with her. She’s like, one of the best stylists in the country, one of those whom i look up to. Shes so pretty!

OMG! I got star strucked the moment i saw him! Its Andre Chang! and look! matching metallic shirts.. parang naka couple shirt lang naman. Looool! Aaaand.. he is soooo nice, was surprised he recognized us from lookbook. =)

And finally! A photo of me and wickedying! We’ve been together for like 3 days now and i think this is the only photo we have, i mean seriously.. we are both in it! haha!

Wickedying wearing PINKaholic x SDY sheer top and leather shorts

I love this photo of her.. look how cute she is! =)