My first outfit post since i went m.i.a for the last 5days.. hehe! So here it is.. i wore these cutie sky blue shorts from PINKaholic and paired it with a flowy cut-out top i got from topshop ages ago. hehe! Don’t they look perfect together? Wow! I look so girly. haha! And to top it off, glitter heels! pak! Nothing more girlier than this. hehe!

Topshop cut-out top/ PINKaholic printed shorts/ Forever21 necklace

Lovin my sky blue shorts! Reminds me that summer is almost here again..

Pill shoes glitter platforms

Decided to name this look “minimalist” since i had nothing much going on for the accessories. I just have one key piece to top off the whole look which is the necklace.. Well, atleast for me it is. hehe!

The whole look just reminds me that summer is almost here again.. Yeeey! Don’t you just love the summer season? Beach, sunny weather, roadtrips, the cute outfits you could wear and no school. haha! Aaaand! My baby’s gonna be here too during the summer.. super excited! I miss him so much!

Later guys! =)


Based on this blog post title itself, yes, its all about the “kaartehan”. And I have a few goodies that i definitely recommend you guys. I got them from an online store called Digital Traincase. Almost everything was on sale and i couldn’t let that pass. =p

Nail goodies! =)

OPI in Rainbow Connection & China glaze in Love Marilyn

Seche Vite Nail polish thinner & Seche Vite Topcoat.

Haven’t tried out the Nail polish thinner yet but for the topcoat, all i can say.. If you want your nail polish to last you up to weeks and still maintains that shiny coat.. You should definitely get this. It’s a bit pricey though, these were actually on sale and bought it for Php380 per bottle. Regular price for this at around Php420 per bottle. So far, i thought the OPI topcoat was the best of all topcoats, but i was wrong. hehe! These were waaay better. So, i don’t really mind the price ‘cuz these topcoats are worth every dime. hehe!

NYX Matte Lipsticks in audrey & Sweet Pink

Aaand.. These! Im definitely getting more of these lippies. These are worthy of comparison against the ever popular makeup brand, MAC. These matte lipstick are my new favorite lipsticks.. Long-wearing and does not leave your lips that dry and chapped feeling. These are matte but i never expected them to be so moisturizing. =)

Black To Black

Last day of PFW.. watched Grand Allure, Jerome Salaya Ang, Noel Crisostomo and Sassa Jimenez. One of the best shows of Philippine Fashion Week i must say. For me, it was the highlight of my whole week for PFW. One of my favorites? I’d have to say Jerome Ang, Noel Crisostomo and Sassa Jimenez. Everything was just amazing! It was worth the wait. Although wickedying and i were standing for the whole duration of the show, hmm.. it was all worth it. Every piece was just breathtaking.

Mango basic white top/ Topshop leather jacket/ PINKaholic x SDY sheer pleated skirt/ Jeffrey Campbell black lita

Wore my own skirt design for PINKaholic x SDY. Decided to wear something dark today ‘cuz i wanted to wear my leather jacket.. and the skirt was the only thing that goes perfectly with it. 

Mango clutch

I have always loved this clutch. I’ve had it since my college days.. good thing its still alive. hehe! Im so inlove with the colors. =)

Forever21 accessories

Wickedying wearing PINKaholic x SDY dress

Doesn’t she look fab in this dress? ..and i love her new glittery shoesies! Wicked! =p

Anyway, my sister, wickedying and I are going to a halloween party tomorrow. Super excited with our costumes.. Guess who we’re gonna be..! hehe!

Later guys! and oh.. Happy Halloween! ❤