Florals and Fringe

Bershka top/ Edge Co necklace/ Topshop shorts

H&M fringe backpack

Oasap floral kimono/ S&H studded boots

I think this is what a perfect kimono looks like. First of all, It’s the right type of length for me knowing that I am not really blessed with a few more inches of height. Second, you know how much I love the color, black. And what’s more cute than a mix of black fringe and floral prints. Too cute!

Anyway, this is just another music festival inspired look. Although I wouldn’t really wear this kimono in an overly crowded place and I’m pretty sure some of you know why. Hehe! The fringes always get caught up to almost anything I get close to. From random peoples buttons to zippers and door knobs. Seriously, who can relate to this? haha!

Have a good day everyone! =)

Spike Out

Ripples fringe top/ American Eagle white denim shorts

Zara aztec sling bag

World Balance chatter in light blue

One of my latest faves! The chatter slip-ons from World Balance. Can’t stop wearing them with almost all of my everyday outfits. They’re so comfy and versatile. Definitely a must-have!

Georgina Sasha round sunnies/ Forever21 spiked headband

Been wearing a lot of slip-ons lately in case you haven’t noticed. Haha! I’m obsessed with how comfy they are and how easy you could wear ‘em. Well It’s obviously the reason why they’re called slip-ons in the first place. =) 

Today’s ootd is another music festival inspired look. This is also my first blog post featuring my new “do”. Finally did the ombre look! I know It’s a little too late but you know what they say, better late than never. Hehe! And I think it goes well with my outfit too! =)

Castle Made of Sound

Forever21 leather skirt/ Zara denim polo

Forever21 jumpsuit/ H&M studded belt

Pink Ribbon Shop necklace

Check out this super cool neck piece from Pink Ribbon Shop! Thank you so much, Patrixia! mwah!

Mango fringe bag

Romwe silver cuffs

Jeffrey Campbell Night lita

“Ber” month is here and it only means that rainy season in Butuan has also arrived. For me, its my chance to wear all the knits and coverups that i couldn’t use over the summer. Well, duh. haha! Anyway, rainy season won’t even stop me from wearing leather, i know some people say that wearing leather during rainy season is a no-no.. Hmm.. i don’t see anything wrong with it. Where else should i wear ‘em? =p

So here’s my look of the day. Familiar top? Yup, its the jumpsuit i wore on my previous look when i was in HK. Definitely a whole new look for the jumpsuit and i love how comfy everything feels.. Yes, that includes the heel-less shoes. hehe!

So what do you guys think of today’s look?



Topshop skirt/ Forever21 tank top

H&M baroque print blazer

Forever21 rings and fringe necklace

Highstyle Fancy ribbon heels

Halew!!! Didn’t get to post anything yesterday since i stayed home the whole christmas day. hehe! Anyway, heres my look of the day.

PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe will be having a little get together christmas party later tonight. Sooo.. gonna have to make this post a little bit short since im writing this at 2pm in the afternoon and i am late for work. haha! so gotta go guys! mwah!

Green Minded

FivebyFive Olsen boots

Mango fringe sling bag

Topshop tiger print top/ PINKaholic green denim high waists

Another CDO trip again last saturday, this time, we had to sleep over. yaaay for food and grocery shopping! Lol!

Had to take outfit photos before leaving home.. Soooo, I had to wear these green denim high waists. I just had to! haha! Paired it with my comfy harness booties and a fringe bag and my favorite tiger print top. Voila! Look of the day! Lol!

Innocence, beware..

My favorite Oro nero clogs from CMG

Zara fringe top/ The Ramp denim pants/ CMG oro nero wooden clogs/ promod sling bag/ Ray-ban wayfarer sunglasses

Went out to do some errands with sis today.. “Big day” tomorrow. Its a top secret! lol! Let ya’ll know about it soon! hehe! Gotta sleep now, have to wake up early tomorrow… and i mean really early! haha! =)

goodnight loves! mwah! ❤