Walking On Sunshine

Playing with colors and whipping out those cute sunnies ‘cuz Mr. Sun is out again!

Although, It’s still a little bit gloomy here in town. A little dash of color in ones outfit won’t hurt. But I still prefer warm comfy knits at night. Sweater weather it is! You know how much I love sweaters and knitted tops.


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Wild Flower


Ripples by Jenny floral skirt/ Topshop cropped top/ Daniel Wellington watch


Forever21 black pumps

image image 

Rings & Tings chain necklace

I’m actually getting bored with my hair already and was thinking of changing my hairstyle and color. What do you think? Or should I just go back to having long locks? I miss my hair.

I wish our hair would like grow an inch every time we shower. That would be awesome! Haha!

image image Taking things up a notch! Paired up a girly floral skirt with something daring like this fitted cropped top and some heels and a few accessories since the skirt alone stand out from the rest of the details. I love how the prints look ever more catchy when I tried out this plain grey top. Though at first I thought the colors were a complete miss-match but whatever, I liked the combination and I liked the outcome of every piece I’ve put together. Well at least for me, haha!

Have a great week guys! loveyah! =)

Miss Daisy


Papaya Clothing floral skirt


Oasap drop earrings

Love this white stone drop earrings that I got from Oasap. Been collecting a lot of drop earrings in different colors lately. My new fashion obsession.Plus, it adds extra glam factor to any outfit. =)


Style Quench top/ Forever21 bag


Zara heels


So you guys know how much I love to wear anything black & white. Those colors will always be my go-to shades when all else fails. It’s my safety zone when I’m actually in a hurry to dress up for a certain occasion. I know a lot of the girls can relate to that. 

So, “When in doubt, wear black.”

When you wear black, It all boils down to how you choose to accessorize it.   From the handbag down to the pair of heels you’ll be wearing. I always look at every outfit as a blank canvass wherein you can always give life to it. Making it more appealing. =)

Do you mind?


Pretty Little Blings necklace/ Naked Clothing coral off shoulder top/ Zara shorts


Saccharine Shoppe flower headband

I still get drawn into floral headbands until now even though summer is officially over. This one is my favorite, you can actually detach the flower from the headband and wear it as a bracelet. You can also turn it into a hair piece for your ponytail or bun. It’s multi-functional! 


Spruce flats/ Forever21 bag


Still keeping the summer vibe up while the ber-months are here. So when the sun finally came out, I decided to dress up in florals here. Hihi! And of course, a pair of comfy flats to complete my summer-ish look and oh, some flower headbands too. =)

Speaking of ber-months, I can’t wait for my birth-month as well! haha! I just love the christmas holidays. My favorite month of the year most definitely. 

White Camou


Naked Clothing top/ PINKaholic camou skirt/ Topshop bag

The perfect blank canvass as I would call it. It’s white and I love how the sleeves drape down perfectly. Perfect for any type of look. I would wear it with a pair of denim shorts for a casual look as well. 


Icy earrings


Forever21 stilettos

Say hello to our dog, Aaron. =)

If you guys have noticed, these heels are probably my most favorite pair of stilettos of all time. I think I have worn them with almost all of my outfits. One of the reasons why every girl should always keep a pair of black high heels in her shoe closet. They always come in handy.


Sorry if I said this was last nights post. Out internet has been acting up lately and I couldn’t even load facebook on. Ugh! It always happens when it rains. Haha! Does anyone encounter the same problem as mine? I find it sooo weird. Lols

Anyway, TGIF! It’s Friday again! It’s that day of the week wherein everyone plans out something for the night. My favorite day of the week. Hihi! It’s also my favorite day of the week to dress up. I know a lot of girls do too. Of course, It’s the weekend and I know everyone has been waiting for it. 

Enjoy guys! Mwah!