Hawaiian Punch


Ripples top/ Zara floral skirt/ Stradivarius bag/ Fly Shades in Kendall


Lulu Swing stay white


When we talk about summer, It’s all florals, pastels and all the happy colors you could think of. I may be a little late but bare with me on this since I haven’t gotten over my summer yet. Let’s just say I’m going on a tropical island vaca in Hawaii for a day. Hehe! Promise, this will be the last time I’m gonna talk about my summer. I’m beginning to sound so lame for being overly attached to something that’s been over for weeks now. Haha!

Keep yourselves safe and warm everyone! Rainy season has officially arrived and I’m so bummed. We won’t get to see Mr. Sun anymore. =(

Pink and Lovin’ It


Ripples scallop top and floral origami shorts/ Forever21 necklace/ Onecklace customized necklace/ Call It Spring bracelets


Spruce akira in pink

A cute pair of pink flats from Spruce. These flats were part of their Pinked collection which is dedicated to spreading awareness on breast cancer. Empowering women and helping them realize that they can fight breast cancer.

Buy a pair and a percentage of the proceeds of each pair you purchase will fund Thrive, a breast cancer awareness group which has made it its mission to remind women to be more vigilant about their health, and to have their breasts checked regularly.


Nothing beats the summer heat than a cute summer outfit!

Now that It’s finally summer season, I’m beginning to get obsessed with cropped tops and almost anything that shouts florals! And that’s exactly why I love this floral print origami shorts from Ripples. So dainty!


FlyShades in Carlisle / Topshop bag



I don’t know if it’s just me or is it really getting hot here in Butuan? Like really scorching hot even if it’s like 7am in the morning. But I’m still so bummed that I haven’t gone to the beach till now. Haha! I know, I feel such a loser. I guess my last chance would be on the month of May since boyfie’s coming home and I’m sure he’ll want to hit the beach asap! I’m just gonna tag along.

Speaking of summer… 2 days to go till Bazaar for All Season! I hope you guys can find time to visit the bazaar especially for those who live near the venue. That’s in Elements tent, Eton Centris.

I guess I’ll see you guys there!

Bring Me Flowers

Topshop floral shorts

PINKaholic floral top

Zara shoes

A few days ago i blogged about a few new pieces from PINKaholic that’s coming up really soon. Well, here’s the rest of ‘em.. another actually. hehe! And i must say, this has to be one of my favorite pieces from the bunch.

Floral ain’t over yet since summer is still here. So bare with me on this. hehe! I just love this top so much and its floral print and the yellow details on the collar and buttons. hehe!

Is it summer yet?

Topshop denim vest/ PINKaholic crochet top

Forever21 tribal ring and bangles/ H&M white cocktail ring

PINKaholic couture skirt

Michael Antonio Garcelle

Super excited for summer! Well, obviously, you can definitely tell how thrilled i am in just one look at this whole get-up. Lol! Im all florals and i look girly! Which is very rare. haha!

I am so ready for summer. I just hope the rain stops before beach plans get set up. Weather down here has been really bad and i hope it doesn’t ruin summer season here in Butuan. teehee! =)

Till next post lovelies! Mwah!

By the way, do check out this look on Stylebible, Blogger Challenge for Summer Denim. Its my first time to be one of the featured bloggers. Yey! =)