Oasap necklace


PINKaholic floral dress/ Forever21 gold heels

imageimageimage Just got back from a short trip to Manila with my parents and it’s time to post some backlogs from last weeks stash of photos. Hehe! Anyway, I’m pretty bummed that I couldn’t do any outfit shoots while I was in Manila, there was no one who could take my photos. I even forgot to do mirror shots. Dang! 

Anyway, I can’t wait for the upcoming Manila Sundance Bazaar this September. It’s going to be a 3-day event. I’ll be selling preloved stuffs together with Wickedying. And of course I will also be bringing with me PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe. Expect “bazaar only” prices! 

Hope to see you all at the bazaar! Have a great week guys! Mwah!


PINKaholic floral dress/ Forever21 leather jacket

Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Lady/ Forever21 earrings

They say that everyone should invest in a good watch. I do agree to that since I am the type of person who doesn’t leave home without wearing one. Watches have always been one of my wardrobe staples, not only is it functional but a good accessory as well. 

My first leather strap watch and I am totally in love with my classic bristol lady watch from Daniel Wellington. Love the vintage-y feel it has with its leather straps and a simple gold and white clock-face. Definitely a great quality watch at a good price.


Forever21 gold heels

Zara studded clutch

I guess I’m ready for a date night… Except that boyfie is not around. And I don’t think that this is your typical girly and sweet dating outfit either. Not with the leather jacket and the studded clutch, but for me it gives a cool different vibe to your usual dating outfits. Nowadays, I think it doesn’t really matter whether you’re wearing a dress or not, but for me, I like to mix up a little of that “biker chick” vibe into a “sweet girl-next-door” look. 

So here I decided to throw on a leather jacket over a floral dress. The embroidered gold baroque on the jacket with the floral prints gave out a romantic feel. Kept the rest of my look simple as I want the jacket and the dress to stand out from the rest. 

Bring Me Flowers


A very late blogpost.

Backlogs are starting to pile up on my drafts lately since I was out travelling for 26hrs going to D.C. I tried to blog before flying out the next day but I didn’t had much time and sleep so I had to snooze early for my flight the next morning. 

I’m probably in D.C already by the time you guys read this blogpost. Sorry for the 6-day break guys. Hehe!


PINKaholic denim ombre vest/ Topshop purse


Tailored & Fit floral dress/ Forever21 belt


Fancy Feet wedge shoes


Now for my look, I really think there’s no need for us to worry about wearing floral prints when its not summer season. But I must admit, I used to think too much about wearing them “only” during summer. But who cares, right? I think there are a lot of ways on how we can work with florals even if its in the middle of fall season. Although it, doesn’t apply to our weather in Philippines which makes it even better. Haha!

My suggestion? Wear them with a pair of booties for a daytime look and throw on a leather jacket when you need to go on a night out in town. Simple!

Halloween is coming by the way! What are you going to be for Halloween?

Have fun you guys! =)