Flawless Face and Body Clinic

I know a lot of girls like me have a loooong list of skin imperfections that we would love to get rid of. As for me, black heads, pimples, dark spots resulting from past breakouts and of course, dark underarms. As one of the leading skin clinics in the country, I’m sure Flawless can provide you with the best treatment needed for any skin or body concern you may have.

Flawless has already been operating for more than 10 years now and has even expanded to more than 30 branches nationwide. Each clinic has its own in-house doctor and well trained medical professionals who are highly proficient.

During my recent visit to Manila, I had a chance to drop by Flawless at their Megamall branch since i had a Gift Certificate given to me in exchange for an interview/feature on Flawless’ monthly online magazine, Flaunt, for their September 2012 issue. It really took me more than a month to finally claim the services i wanted since I’m based in the province. Speaking of the services i availed, i had to get the laser hair removal for my underarms. =p

Everything was totally covered in pink! The pink towels and facial beds even matched my nail polish color! =)

A line of products available at any Flawless branch.

Special thanks to Mr. Joel Quizon of Flawless and of course, Flawless Face and Body Clinic! =)

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Zara knit top/ PINKaholic denim shorts/ FivebyFive boots/ Celine bag

And lastly, a mini ootd. I didn’t have much time to take outfit photos since i had no one with me to take my pictures. So yeah, its just me and the full length mirror for now. Hehe!

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Flawless: Flaunt E-mag September Issue

Something to read?

Try reading Flaunt, the official e-magazine of Flawless Aesthetic Clinic. They just released their September 2012 issue and I am so thrilled to let all of you know that I also got the chance to be interviewed/featured on this issue which talks about commitment and investments.

I’m sure you’ll love this issue since it also talks about how “beauty” becomes an investment. =)

Thank you so much to Ericka and Jose for this amazing opportunity! ❤

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