Comme des f*ckdown


Gifi Clothing top/ Cotton On skirt


FivebyFive platform boots


Mel’s Collection bracelets


Ever told someone to just “comme des f*uckdown”? Lol. I know a lot of people who over reacts on little things that i consider normal these days. I just don’t know why they don’t get used to some things in life especially in terms of fashion nowadays. I’m sure some of you would agree to it. =)

So about today’s look. How cool is this top? Gifi Clothing always has the best printed tank tops. I’m just not sure if I could wear this during the day where the word “f*ckdown is flashed right across my shirt. I’m worried I might offend somebody… Hmm.. I’d still wear it anyway. Haha!

Till my next post!

Strangeness and Charm



Romwe painting print skirt/ FivebyFive suede boots


Romwe sheer tank top/ Topshop knitted cardi and belt




OS worship necklace


Ever asked yourself what’s your most favorite piece of clothing or item in your closet? I know it pretty much changes all the time but as of now, I am so in love with this skirt i got from my Romwe package. It looks like one of those old Greek paintings that reminds me of Hercules and my history class from high school. Never thought someone would turn it into a skirt. =)

Another key piece would be the worship necklace that i got from OS. I was a bit reluctant at first when i saw the leather straps. I didn’t really think it would work for me. But i really, really wanted the huge white cross that’s hanging on it so i just went ahead and try it out. Somehow i managed to make it work for me and I am so loving it. It just tops off the whole look. Goes well with the skirt too. =)


Hope you guys like today’s look! ❤ Mwah!


Flawless Face and Body Clinic

I know a lot of girls like me have a loooong list of skin imperfections that we would love to get rid of. As for me, black heads, pimples, dark spots resulting from past breakouts and of course, dark underarms. As one of the leading skin clinics in the country, I’m sure Flawless can provide you with the best treatment needed for any skin or body concern you may have.

Flawless has already been operating for more than 10 years now and has even expanded to more than 30 branches nationwide. Each clinic has its own in-house doctor and well trained medical professionals who are highly proficient.

During my recent visit to Manila, I had a chance to drop by Flawless at their Megamall branch since i had a Gift Certificate given to me in exchange for an interview/feature on Flawless’ monthly online magazine, Flaunt, for their September 2012 issue. It really took me more than a month to finally claim the services i wanted since I’m based in the province. Speaking of the services i availed, i had to get the laser hair removal for my underarms. =p

Everything was totally covered in pink! The pink towels and facial beds even matched my nail polish color! =)

A line of products available at any Flawless branch.

Special thanks to Mr. Joel Quizon of Flawless and of course, Flawless Face and Body Clinic! =)

To know more about the services they offer:

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Zara knit top/ PINKaholic denim shorts/ FivebyFive boots/ Celine bag

And lastly, a mini ootd. I didn’t have much time to take outfit photos since i had no one with me to take my pictures. So yeah, its just me and the full length mirror for now. Hehe!

Hope you enjoyed this post!


Enter Sandman

Romwe denim jacket

Forever21 muscle tee/ Topshop shorts

FivebyFive boots

I’ve had these pair for quite awhile now and i still can’t let go of them. I love how chunky they are. =)

The tribal print details which is my favorite part and acid washed finish on the jacket is L.O.V.E! Both are just perfect together!

And a for the last photo.. pptttthhhh! hehe!

Me and my oversized jacket!

I’m in love with this denim jacket. I love how it hangs over my small frame and drops down just below my hips. I know it swallows me but who cares? Keribels lang.. hehe! I’d wear this again when the weather gets cold since this one’s really thick.

So yeah, it was pretty hot outside. I’m sure you can tell by the way my eyebrows meet at the center. I know i always do that on every single photo but this was just way too much to handle.. Sun was scorching and this is the only time i have to take photos during the day. I even had makeup on but i had to wear my sunnies to keep my eyes from squinting. You don’t want that in your photos. Hehe!

Laterrzz! =)


Heading for Macau

Cache Cache denim polo/ PINKaholic studded shorts

Balenciaga bag

Topshop fur coat/ FivebyFive boots/ Aldo gloves

Headed for Macau last thursday. Super coooold! Good thing i brought with me my fur coat that i got from Topshop a few years ago.. I actually got them on sale at 70% off! In my size! haha! I felt so lucky to have the last piece on the rack. teehee!

I really had a great time last week. I also enjoyed the cool weather in Hongkong. I do really prefer going there when its cold since its pretty hot here in the philippines for 365 days, Lol! Unless it rains, so yeah, its either rainy or sunny. haha! But im still thankful for our weather though.. lol! I realized how much of a hassle it is to have to change wardrobes in every season, windburns and what if the water heater dies? lol!

Later guys! mwah! ❤

Valentines day in HongKong

H&M x Versace jacket

Excuse my brother at the back. hehe!

Topshop skirt and tights/ FivebyFive boots/ Balenciaga bag

Hello everyone! Its good to be back and blogging again.. hehe! Wow! Its been a week.. woohoo! Finally got back home from a trip to HongKong. It was also my first time to spend valentines day outside of the country. hehe! So yeah, heres what i wore on valentines day. It was pretty cold in Hongkong this month soooo, i wore my H&M x Versace jacket that my sister got me for my birthday, a shirt underneath, a skirt from topshop, tights and some boots.

More posts coming soon about my trip to HongKong. hehe! =)

Leopard & Denim

PINKaholic leopard shorts and denim polo/ Forever21 tank top

FivebyFive olsen harness boots

My eyebrows are weird today.. too red. I think i picked out the wrong shade. nyahaha! Didn’t realize it till i saw this photo. haha!

Here comes the rain again… and you know how much i hate it when it rains in Butuan. I get all lazy and all i wanna do is just sleep and never get out of bed.

Anyway,this is what im wearing today, an army green top from forever21, denim polo and shorts from PINKaholic and my favorite harness boots from FivebyFive. Comfy clothes for the never ending rainy season in butuan. hehe!

Later guys! =)