Britania Islands, Surigao del Sur

The perks of living in the province! You get to travel a lot by land from place to place without the hassle of going through a traffic jam. And of course, the beautiful beaches you only get to see in my native land Mindanao. Not everyone has visited this one yet that’s why many would say that these are one of Philippines best kept beaches.

Situated in the Province of Surigao del Sur in San Agustin where many beautiful islands and islets sit along the shore of Lianga Bay. Or as many would call it the Britania Group of Islands. 

Wooden bridge leading to the boats that’ll take us to the islands. So by boat it will take you about 20 minutes to get to the first island. Along the way, you get to admire the perfect view of the islets all laid out right before your eyes. 

Most of the boats are operated by LGU (local government unit). Boat fees at P1,300 for 11 of us. But for those who would like to visit, keep bargaining. Who knows you’ll get it for a thousand only. =)

 4 of the many islands in Britania. Some of these islets are very close to each other you can actually walk from one island to another if the water is in low tide.

Stopped over this island for our lunch. I think this island is also the biggest compared to the other islets in Britania. This is also the island where a grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary and a crucifix is built.

For food, people usually bring food with them since every group has its own hired boat so its okay to leave your stuffs in it. In our case, we didn’t really prepare anything before we left Butuan, not even a single bottle of water. Hehe! Good thing we ordered food and drinks at a local sari-sari store back in the mainland before we left and have it specially delivered to us back at one of the islands where people usually stop to eat lunch. If I’m not mistaken, its the Boslon Island. 

I wasn’t able to take photos of the food anymore since we were all starving to death and we haven’t eaten our breakfast either. Haha! But anyway, food was good. No tables and chairs at the island so you’ll have no choice but to form a circle with your friends, sit on the sand and start eating with your bare hands. Best part? Expect to chew on something crunchy. White sand! Haha!

(Cost of food: P1,100++ for 11pax.)

 They call this one “Naked Island” since nothing grows in it. Just sand and coral stones.

In every island, you get to see and feel the beautiful white sand beaches and clear blue water of Britania. 

 I think the island behind me is what they would call the turtle island because of its shape. Although the way I see it, every single islet looks identical to me. Perfectly shaped to look like twinnies! =) We left Butuan at around 6am in the morning where the sun is still rising. Travel time from Butuan to Britania took us about 2hours to finally get to the exact location.

For those who travel from Davao, I think it’ll take around 6hours from Davao to Britania. 

Here is an overview map of our route from Butuan City to San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. 

From Butuan City:

Heading south to the province of Surigao del Sur. It will take 2hours to get there so you may have to take shortcuts along the way. You’ll be able to pass by the town of Sibagat, Bayugan and Prosperidad. Before getting to the town of Prosperidad, we took a shortcut turning left to Los Arcos. This is an alternate road where no public vehicles passing that road except for private vehicles. So from Los Arcos going to Lianga make another left going to San Agustin. 

Hope this blogpost was helpful for everyone who has plans on visiting the place soon! Summer 2015 maybe? Hehe! 

Feel free to ask me questions on the comment box below if you need more info.

Enjoy! =)

Hello Chicago!

Okay so I know this is a super late blog post about my visit to Chicago a few weeks ago before heading back home to Philippines. But anyway, here goes!

Last stop, Chicago!

Who could forget a 12hr drive to Chicago from Virginia on Valentines day? While other couples are out dating and having romantic lunchies and candle lit dinner. Me and boyfie spent Valentines day driving to Chicago to meet up with friends since our flight got canceled ‘cuz of the snowstorm. It was one of my longest road trips ever! Loved it! =)

Chicago’s very own skyscraper, Willis Tower.

Hello freezing Chicago! Hehe!

Look! Docs! hehe!

The famous Cloud Gate at the Millennium Park. Then again, I always see this in movies. Can’t believe it! =)

Can you find me? Hihi!

Now why would anyone forget about dropping by to see Michael Jordan’s statue right outside United Center?

Overall, Chicago was the coldest place I have ever been in my entire life! I cannot explain how cold it was during my visit. But anyway, I really had fun, like reaaally had fun. I like to party… a lot, haha! And I think Chicago’s party scene was one of the best I’ve ever been to. We also got to meet some new friends which is one of the best parts of traveling in different places.

On my way home to Philippines, I sat next to a Filipina, (Thank God I had someone to talk to during the flight to Japan) she was in her 60’s but she really didn’t look her age. I guess age doesn’t really matter when you’re happy. Hehe! She was on her way home to visit her father who was sick. I could tell she was a very happy person inside and out ‘cuz of the way she talked to me about life and how we should all spend it. As cliche as it may sound, we only live once and that’s a fact. She told me she was glad I could travel and see new places and things while I’m still young.

She said that people need to travel the world in order for us to broaden our horizons, experience new culture, meet new people and a chance to look at life in a different perspective. You become more open-minded and flexible.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain

Color Me Happy

This scenery with all the fall colors and dried up leaves was actually something that I have always dreamed of. Never thought I’d get to take one of my ootd photos in this background. Uhmm… Sorry for being too excited guys. It’s been 2 weeks now and I still couldn’t get over the fact that I’m here. The feeling I had when I first set foot into the States was beyond imaginable and I still can’t believe that I have gotten this far to travelling all by myself. It was so overwhelming!imageimageimage

Forever21 sweater/ H&M scarf/ Topshop denim shorts


Mango purse/ H&M beanie borrowed from boyfie


Luxury Mall thigh high boots/ American Apparel socks


If a lot of people were dreaming about visiting one of the most romantic cities in the world, visit an actual paradise on earth or the perfect city to do outdoors-y stuffs. I myself have been dreaming ever since I was little  that one day I’d get to visit one of the most largest… most beautiful countries in the world. I don’t know if anything else could top this! This one is staying on top of the charts for good!

That moment when I opened the plane window and saw manhattan right under my feet… I almost cried!!! But I kept my poise then I calmly told myself to relax. I was literally talking to myself the whole time.. Well, inside my head of course. Haha! I didn’t want the japanese guy beside me to think I was nuts for crying while looking out the window. Haha!

Ugh.. Too much babbling.. Time to wrap this up. Hehe! Sorry if I’m boring you guys.. I’m just so happy. Hehe! =)

Have a great weekend and take care! =)

Capitol Hill

Finally, an ootd. Hehe! So right after our tour inside the US Capitol which I will be doing a separate blog post. I decided look for spots where I could take outfit shots. I was really having a hard time taking photos cuz of the strong cold winds and my hair was all over my face. Haha! So yeah, I had to switch places but I still couldn’t get away from it. I gave up.. Just had to work it anyway. Hehe!imageimage

Zara trench coat/ H&M leather shorts


Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal booties/ Topshop black tights

These just in and they’re my new obsession as well. Walked around in these for the whole day and didn’t hurt a bit. From the looks of it, you might think they’re pretty painful to walk in for hours, but on the contrary, they’re actually really comfy. =)


CleoCat Korean Wholesale Fashion houndstooth top/ Mango bag

I also found a new online store that sells wholesale korean fashion clothing at great prices. They sent over this cute houndstooth sweater thats perfect for fall season. You might wanna check out CleoCat for more of these. =)


In other news, I don’t think there is anyone around the world who does not know about the strongest typhoon that struck the Philippines. I am miles away from my homeland but the sad news was all over the TV, Facebook news feeds and other social media sites.

I never really thought it would be that strong, I mean, they said it was the strongest but never did it crossed my mind that it would be that fatal. Seeing all the photos and news about this tragic incident is so depressing. I had to stop watching the news and just pray for all that were affected by it since it was all that I could do for now.


PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe will soon be holding sale items online. All proceeds goes to charity for all the victims of the typhoon. Will blog about the details soon. =)

Let’s help our fellow countrymen! 

Midnight Stroll

So last night boyfie and I decided to take a drive from Alexandria to DC for a midnight strolling. Well, it was already past midnight and it was freezing cold outside. Felt like my whole face was injected with botox (as if i’ve tried it). Haha! 

So yeah, we strolled along a few monuments like the Washington Monument, World War II Memorial and drove by the US Capitol as well. I was in awe! So surreal… I thought I’d only be able see it in the movies and never thought I’d witness its beauty in person.


The Washington Monument or also known as “The Big Pencil” was still under repair due to an earthquake that occurred in August 2011. I do hope it opens before I fly back to the Philippines. Hehe!


The lights on each pillar creates an amazing water reflection.


Me all wrapped up! Haha!


See what I see? The pillars represents the unity of the United States and its territories at the time of the World War II. Each pillar represents each one of the states, the District of Columbia and the U.S Territories. 


U.S Capitol. Need I say more? It was breathtaking! I had to let boyfie drive closer to it so I could get a better look at the beautiful architecture. Took a few snapshots when we got there but I just had to show you guys this one shot ‘cuz of the beautiful lights. =)

Hope you enjoyed this post guys! Have a great week! =)

Circle Fountain


Finally, a chance to shoot an ootd thanks to boyfie for agreeing to take my outfit photos. Yeey! Before flying out, we had to make an agreement and I asked him if he would be willing to take my photos. Luckily, he said yes. Well, as if he had a choice. Haha!



Jeffrey Campbell Lita black/ H&M leather pants

Just had to bring my Lita boots with me. Boyfie was a little skeptical at first glance and asked me if I was sure enough to step out in these heels. I said, yeah, why not? why would I bring them with me if they weren’t comfortable to walk in? Every girl must own a pair of comfy JC Lita’s. =)


PINKaholic Ben&Jerry sweater/ YSL easy handbag/ Forever21 scarf

I also learned how to ride the Metro Train. Then maybe I could go around the city with uhmm… myself. Hehe!

This is the cutest! Saw these kids crossing the street. I had to take a photo of ‘em. =)

At Chinatown.

Last thing we did before heading home was sit around the Dupont circle fountain while people watching. =)

Hope you guys liked this blogpost! =)

Have a great week! 

Fashionbandwagon Travels

So this is what’s keeping me out from doing my blogging duties. Finally, an update about my 26hrs of travelling and hopping from one flight to another from Manila and all the way to D.C.

It was actually my first time to sit, watch a movie, sleep and eat on a chair for 12 hours straight from Japan to NYC. Whew! But who cares, it was all worth the wait!


A coastal view of Narita, Japan. 

image image Hello Manhattan! Well, just droppin’ by.. hehe! I will see you soon! =p


Saw these cute NY tumblers, mugs and shot glasses. Cute!


My first american breakfast! Haha! 


Thank you boyfie! =) (omg! grabe my forehead ah! haha!)


Happy Halloween!!!

Enjoy the weekend guys! Mwah!