We’re not getting younger



Romwe knitted pullover


Forever21 suede pumps


Romwe spiked cap


Forever21 metallic leggings






Hey everyone! Time for an ootd! I really hope i can keep up with all this super late blog posts. Blame it on the holidays! Agree? I know we all have our lazy days especially during the holidays wherein all we wanna do is just eat and sleep. =p

So for today’s ootd.. I wore this top from Romwe which i love love love. I actually got this one and the cat print on my previous outfit post which is pretty similar to this one. The paired it with metallic leggings. Notice how metallics are making a comeback these days? Probably because of winter season. Well, here is my take on the metallic trend. I got these pair of leggings from Forever21. This one has zipper details on its waist but you can’t really see it here since i choose to wear a much longer top. I suppose the leggings were designed to be worn as pants? hmm.. maybe. But with the type of fabric and how form fitting it is. I wouldn’t risk having the.. you know, cameltoe. haha!

That’s it for now guys! Hope you like today’s ootd!



Mango knit pullover/ Forever21 cross necklace

Romwe leggings

These leggings are definitely on top of my “Leggings List”. I can’t stop wearing them! ❤

Zara studded clutch

Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots

Been MIA for so long.. I had a looong list of roadtrips and flights in a week. Plus, our flight home got cancelled due to bad weather or as what we call it  typhoon “Pablo”. So yeah, my parents and I got stuck in Cebu for a day. Had nothing to do but stay in the hotel, sleep and watch the news since malls were closed as early as 5pm.

The said typhoon was to hit Cebu at around 8 in the evening. But the good thing is that the typhoon wasn’t able to build up. The winds weren’t as strong as i expected it to be based on the news and there was no sign of Pablo which was a good thing. In the morning, it was like nothing happened compared to what Butuan went through as how my friends and family members described it. Strong winds managed to rip off windows, roofs and trees as if they were nothing.

For the hundreds who lost their lives on Pablo’s wrath. May God bless their souls. 

Stay safe everyone!


Don’t Look Back

Romwe shorts

Forever21 top/ WAGW necklace

Romwe skull shawl

Jeffrey Campbell Damsel cross

Aldo watch/ H&M ring

Ootd time!

I think its been awhile since i posted one. Anyway, here is a look I’ve put together wearing the goodies that Romwe sent me. The skull shawl and the glittery shorts which i love so much. About the shawl, it has been sitting on my Romwe wishlist for weeks so i could purchase it later on. I thought it was a cardigan at first, or maybe i was just too lazy to read the description box, so I just went ahead and moved it into my cart. So yeah, its a shawl. hehe! But anyway, this can also come in handy for those outfits that needed cover ups or something. =)

On other news, Bloggers United 4 is getting closer and closer! That’s December 15 to 16 at the World Trade tent! Mark your calendars everyone and get ready for some shopping with your favorite bloggers!

Super excited! I hope you are too!

Buy your BU4 eTickets HERE.

See you there! =)


Who Run The World

Zara skirt

PINKaholic camou jacket

Dominique neon earrings

Forever21 suede booties

Topshop love bralet

Hey hey! I’m back for another ootd! =)

So this was yesterday’s outfit and as for usual, weather wasn’t so good. I think ill describe the weather as soggy. The air just felt so sticky and ugh! Not a good day for the hair. Lol.

Anyway, about the ootd. Its just another look I did wearing the camouflage jacket from PINKaholic. Underneath, i have on this bralet that i got on sale from Topshop and a brocade skull skirt from Zara. Love love love the velvet details on the skirt by the way. =) And last but definitely not the least, i added on a dash of color to my outfit… Suede booties from Forever21 and the neon earrings that i got from Dominique.

I think that’s all for now guys, this is just a quick outfit post for today. And oh! What do you think about my makeup tutorial? Hihi! That was actually my first time doing a tutorial but I’m thinking of throwing in more of those on my future posts. I really hope you guys liked it. =)

I haven’t seen it yet, click HERE!


Color Splash

Romwe printed polo top

Dominique gold necklace

Dominique neon spikes bracelet

Forever21 blue shorts

Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalk

So sorry for the weird lighting on this set of photos. Weather doesn’t seem to cooperate lately and i’ve been having a hard time catching Mr. Sun. Arrghh! The minute i get out of the house its starts to get gloomy and then its gets reeeaaaly dark… Then drizzle comes in.. Then finally, heavy rain. Perfect! Haha!

But aside from babbling about how the weather is, I’m glad that the weather isn’t that hot anymore and i also love the fact that I’ll be able scoot over those summery clothes and in with the jackets and pullovers. I get to wear a lot of sweaters again, finally! Weather is starting to get cold especially at night. I can already smell the month of December. Weee! My favorite month!

Wait i haven’t really talked about my ootd. Hehe! Well, this is just something i would wear on a girls night out. A pretty comfy look for my choice. A pair of flowy shorts, a printed button down top and a pair of comfy shoes. Uhm.. yes, its comfy, trust me on this. Hehe!

Anyway, i think that’s all for now guys! Hope you like it!


Red Velvet Goodness

Romwe red velvet shorts

Zara belt

Forever21 gold heels

PINKaholic gold necklace

Time for an ootd!

Thank God for scheduled posts and by the time you guys have read this I’m probably somewhere in Manila by now. Yey! for out of town trips! Haha! And when i get back I Hope I’ll be able to talk or blog about other things other than an ootd. =p

Sooo, about this look. Don’t you just love velvet? Not only do they look luxurious but there’s something about them that looks very elegant and dressy too. Maybe its because of its cloth, notice how velvet appears a little iridescent? I love how soft they feel. Anyway, these pair also came in from the Romwe package that i got last week. Fits me perfectly, love the length and how it manages to give me a little shape since its a high-waisted shorts. Haha! Speaking of shape, I think I’ve taken in some weight, don’t you think? Been eating a lot lately.

Blah, whatever i don’t wanna talk about weight. I love to eat. That’s it! Haha!

Hope you like today’s post!


Give It Away

Romwe graphic top

Romwe silver cuffs

Jeffrey Campbell Damsel cross

Zara belt/ Forever21 leather skirt

And i am back to blogging! =p

So how did you guys spend the veeeery long weekend? That was like 4 days of no work! Then here comes, Monday. Boohoo!

For today’s ootd.. Decided to do a whole black outfit. Obviously, i love all types of clothing that’s in black. Anyway, the top just came in last week from the Romwe package. Sooo in love with the print i had to pair it with my leather skirt and the chunky pair of damsel’s and I’m good to go.

What else should we talk about. I’m really running out of things to say here. Nyahaha! Seriously, I need something else to blog about asap!!! Any requests? Haha! Still haven’t done the makeup tutorial thingy. Still thinking of a way on how to lay it out for you guys.. hmmm…  Soon! I promise!

By the way, who’s excited for this December’s Bloggers United 4?! Its on the 15th and 16th of December at the World Trade Center (tent). Mark your calendars everyone! =)

Buy your BU4 eTicket’s HERE.

See you there! ❤