Bazaar for All Season

Yay for a successful BFAS! Thank you so much to all who came by our booth and of course to everyone who shopped at the bazaar. =) 

Here are some photos I took from the bazaar… 

Meet my twinnie! Hehe! =)

PINKaholic pieces up for grabs only at the bazaar! =)

Anna of Etymology. It was great to see a former classmate from FIP. =)


My sis and me.. I do wish I had a twin sister. Haha! =)

Finally, a chance to meet up with fellow bloggers Jaqui Perez, Kat Valdez and Rhea Bue. =)

So here’s our booth! Thanks again BFAS team for having us at the bazaar! =)

Hope everyone can drop by again at the next Bazaar for All Season!

Have a great week everyone! =)