Color Splash

Romwe printed polo top

Dominique gold necklace

Dominique neon spikes bracelet

Forever21 blue shorts

Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalk

So sorry for the weird lighting on this set of photos. Weather doesn’t seem to cooperate lately and i’ve been having a hard time catching Mr. Sun. Arrghh! The minute i get out of the house its starts to get gloomy and then its gets reeeaaaly dark… Then drizzle comes in.. Then finally, heavy rain. Perfect! Haha!

But aside from babbling about how the weather is, I’m glad that the weather isn’t that hot anymore and i also love the fact that I’ll be able scoot over those summery clothes and in with the jackets and pullovers. I get to wear a lot of sweaters again, finally! Weather is starting to get cold especially at night. I can already smell the month of December. Weee! My favorite month!

Wait i haven’t really talked about my ootd. Hehe! Well, this is just something i would wear on a girls night out. A pretty comfy look for my choice. A pair of flowy shorts, a printed button down top and a pair of comfy shoes. Uhm.. yes, its comfy, trust me on this. Hehe!

Anyway, i think that’s all for now guys! Hope you like it!


New In: 11.05.12

Look what came in to my mail! =)

Dominique, a newly opened online shop that sells accessories from necklaces to rings. The prices you ask? Pocket friendly! Rings are priced at php75! I say that’s a pretty reasonable price for a ring. Wait, I don’t wanna spoil the fun but you’ll have to check out the rest of their collection and don’t forget to like their page! =)

Check out their tags! So cute! Its like one of those tickets in the movies. Hehe!

…And it comes with a note. Sweet! ❤

I’ve always had a thing for collecting accessories and all the little-est stuff that you can actually wear in order to look accessorized *wink*. Although i don’t really pile them up so much i still like to stock them up in my dresser. Call me a hoarder but i like looking at them sparkly things. Lol! You never know when you’re gonna need them. Uhmm.. that would be everyday. Haha! I also tend to get pretty attached to just one accessory and use it over and over. So far my current fave has started to tarnish and it has turned into a yucky discolored golden whatever-color-that-is. Hihi!

Thank you so much Dominique! ❤


Hello Dominique!

Waaaaah! Ive been waiting for this package for a week! Finally here! Christmas gift for meeeee!!! Haha!

Weeee! I got super excited when i opened to find a new design of shoe box! =)

Collecting JC shoe boxes from now on.. hehe!

Look what greeted me! hehe! Kyoooot! ❤ Okay now, watch it, lady. lol!

These shoes may look fierce and all, but they also weight a ton. Yes, they’re pretty heavy, thanks to all the spikey hardware pierced all around it. That explains all the gel cushions i’ve stuck on them. hehe! =)

Meet Jeffrey Campbell’s Dominique! Merry Christmas to me! hehe!

Totally diggin’ these babies the moment i saw them.. They’re like everything i’ve always wanted for my shoes to look like! Sky high, platforms, spikes and of course.. in black. hehe! I literally panicked the moment i saw them online and very much available in my size. I started flapping my hands as if i saw something that would make any girl go crazy or should i say.. go “kilig”. haha! It was like seeing Bradley Cooper in the flesh! haha! Can’t wait to wear ‘em!

Happy Holidays everyone! mwah! ❤