Walking On Sunshine

Playing with colors and whipping out those cute sunnies ‘cuz Mr. Sun is out again!

Although, It’s still a little bit gloomy here in town. A little dash of color in ones outfit won’t hurt. But I still prefer warm comfy knits at night. Sweater weather it is! You know how much I love sweaters and knitted tops.


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Edge Co necklace


CMG sandals


Forever21 denim vest/ PINKaholic top and skort


I’ve actually noticed something about how I dress up nowadays, I’m beginning to get super attached with a pair of flats. Like literally anything that are flats, or even slippers for that matter. And I don’t think I need to explain why a lot of people love flats. Hehe! But I do miss wearing heels and I still like to wear my babies out for a spin once in a while so they won’t get shabby from storing them for too long on the shelves. We don’t want that, do we? Nope. We don’t even want to see them get all dirty.

Anyway, It’s Monday again. How did you guys spent your weekend? Hope you had fun, as per usual. hehe! Have a great day everyone! =)

Bring Me Flowers


A very late blogpost.

Backlogs are starting to pile up on my drafts lately since I was out travelling for 26hrs going to D.C. I tried to blog before flying out the next day but I didn’t had much time and sleep so I had to snooze early for my flight the next morning. 

I’m probably in D.C already by the time you guys read this blogpost. Sorry for the 6-day break guys. Hehe!


PINKaholic denim ombre vest/ Topshop purse


Tailored & Fit floral dress/ Forever21 belt


Fancy Feet wedge shoes


Now for my look, I really think there’s no need for us to worry about wearing floral prints when its not summer season. But I must admit, I used to think too much about wearing them “only” during summer. But who cares, right? I think there are a lot of ways on how we can work with florals even if its in the middle of fall season. Although it, doesn’t apply to our weather in Philippines which makes it even better. Haha!

My suggestion? Wear them with a pair of booties for a daytime look and throw on a leather jacket when you need to go on a night out in town. Simple!

Halloween is coming by the way! What are you going to be for Halloween?

Have fun you guys! =)

Double Cross


Forever21 cross necklace


Plush Clothing dress/ Forever21 denim vest/ Topshop booties

Loving the uneven hemline on this gothic-ish dress from Plush Clothing. The leopard cross print is a definite plus on this look. Threw on a light washed denim vest to balance out the colors so it wouldn’t look too dark and gothic.


Although it’s been raining here a lot, weather is still not that cold to be wearing thick sweaters and jackets during the day. So here, I decided to just settle for a sleeveless denim vest. Just enough to keep me warm but definitely not sweating. Lol


Oh, hello there! Everyone, meet my fat minpin, Gucci! =p

So lately, It’s been raining here like crazy and for that, I have no choice but to shoot indoors for now. I hate indoor shots ‘cuz of the poor lighting and the photos always gets a little grainy and darker. I just love shooting with natural light, I mean who doesn’t? Hmm.. maybe I’m just not that much of a “pro” in tweaking some of those settings to make indoor photos a lot better. Think I need to work on that. Haha!

Anyway, I hope you like today’s ootd. =) Have a great week guys!

On Backwards


Femmex earrings


Femmex midi dress/ Forever21 denim vest/ Jeffrey Campbell Lita black

In love with this midi dress that I got from Femmex. Love the fabric, print, the cut and especially the slit. I actually thought it would be nicer if I had the slit right in front and besides, who would ever notice? The print makes it so hard to tell that I had this on backwards. Hehe! I can even move freely! =p


Pretty Little Blings lionhead bracelet/ Femmex colored ring/ Zara studed clutch


I’m back with a new OOTD. =)  Why is it that whenever I don’t get to blog for a span of 3 days it already feels like I haven’t blogged for a week? Haha! Hmm.. Atleast I have tested my blogging consistency for 2 years already. Being unable to blog for a week feels like something went missing in my day to day routine.

I do hope you guys enjoy my blog as much as i enjoy writing them. =)

Have a great week!

Think Neon

Clothepedia neon green skirt

Forever21 beaded clutch

Topshop denim vest/ H&M black top

Topshop alexus booties

Forever21 necklace

Neon day!

I still can’t get over these neon colors… I know its almost winter season but hey, our country has the perfect sunny weather for the whole 365 days of the year, right? Well, yeah… not all the time… But! Atleast we can still get away with anything with this kind of weather. *wink* =)

So here’s a pretty skirt that i got from Clothepedia from their July 2012 collection. Isn’t it pretty? I wanted the look to be edgy but still has this feminine touch to it. I didn’t have the vest on at first but it looked like something was missing. So I added the denim vest. Done! =)

Hope you guys liked my look today! ❤


Is it summer yet?

Topshop denim vest/ PINKaholic crochet top

Forever21 tribal ring and bangles/ H&M white cocktail ring

PINKaholic couture skirt

Michael Antonio Garcelle

Super excited for summer! Well, obviously, you can definitely tell how thrilled i am in just one look at this whole get-up. Lol! Im all florals and i look girly! Which is very rare. haha!

I am so ready for summer. I just hope the rain stops before beach plans get set up. Weather down here has been really bad and i hope it doesn’t ruin summer season here in Butuan. teehee! =)

Till next post lovelies! Mwah!

By the way, do check out this look on Stylebible, Blogger Challenge for Summer Denim. Its my first time to be one of the featured bloggers. Yey! =)