I have to admit that I have been obsessing over too much floral patterns lately. I know summer is over but I still can’t get enough of this print. Still on the look out for more floral prints. Hoarding mode on. Hehe!

Daniel Wellington classic bristol watch

So here’s the thing, not gonna bother typing all the labels on each piece of clothing that I’m wearing for this ootd. Everything is from Forever21. Hihi! Don’t know what came into my mind but I just thought all the colors looked too cute not to wear. Never mind looking like a walking Forever21 mannequin. But I wouldn’t mind. Haha! I’m not really the type of person who’s picky on her clothes. I wear whatever I want as long as It’s of good quality and it suits my style.


PINKaholic floral dress/ Forever21 leather jacket

Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Lady/ Forever21 earrings

They say that everyone should invest in a good watch. I do agree to that since I am the type of person who doesn’t leave home without wearing one. Watches have always been one of my wardrobe staples, not only is it functional but a good accessory as well. 

My first leather strap watch and I am totally in love with my classic bristol lady watch from Daniel Wellington. Love the vintage-y feel it has with its leather straps and a simple gold and white clock-face. Definitely a great quality watch at a good price.


Forever21 gold heels

Zara studded clutch

I guess I’m ready for a date night… Except that boyfie is not around. And I don’t think that this is your typical girly and sweet dating outfit either. Not with the leather jacket and the studded clutch, but for me it gives a cool different vibe to your usual dating outfits. Nowadays, I think it doesn’t really matter whether you’re wearing a dress or not, but for me, I like to mix up a little of that “biker chick” vibe into a “sweet girl-next-door” look. 

So here I decided to throw on a leather jacket over a floral dress. The embroidered gold baroque on the jacket with the floral prints gave out a romantic feel. Kept the rest of my look simple as I want the jacket and the dress to stand out from the rest.