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Every time I hear Morocco Argan oil, I always think of it as something I’d like to apply to my hair and skin. Argan oil can help restore dry and damaged hair. For the skin, it can also serve as a regular body moisturizer.

Argan oil comes from a rare Moroccan tree which is found only in Morocco. It is also know as one of the best beauty ingredient as it can be used on the hair, scalp, body, face and hands. Every drop of this “liquid gold” as what some would call it brings an overall moisturizing effect, softening as well as protecting our skin and hair from sun damage.

So when I found out that Cynos has come up with a shampoo and conditioner duo, I couldn’t let it pass. I had to try it myself and make a review. I’ve always loved Argan oil products that I can use for my hair to keep them looking healthy and shiny.


For someone who colors their hair often, It’s a little hard for us to find the right shampoo and conditioner that can keep our hair healthy without stripping off the color. 

Here’s a shampoo and conditioner duo that keeps your hair color looking vibrant and shiny. Unlike other shampoos, this one doesn’t strip off color, instead it helps the hair keep its healthy appearance and looking shiny as well.


This one is my favorite!

I’ve been using Argan oil for quite sometime now. I never forget to apply Argan oil onto the tips of my hair every time I get out of the shower. I apply it before I blow dry my hair to keep me from having dry ends. It also keeps my hair soft and moisturized especially during hot weather wherein your hair is more vulnerable to sun damage. Just like our skin, our hair needs its own sunblock as well.

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Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell at Greenbelt 5, Greenbelt 3, Makati
Century City Mall

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