Details details details! Just random bracelets I piled up and a PLUR bracelet a friend of mine gave me when I went to Neverland Manila. Thanks Carla! =)

Vanilla Breeze Clothing cropped top and shorts/ Promod fringe bag

Ripples by Jenny sunglasses/ Daniel Wellington watch

Bershka white sole sandals

I’m beginning to get obsessed over shoes that have white soles. Preferably the ones in black and white so I can just mix and match it up with just about everything else in my closet. Makes it easier for me to dress up really quick. You know how much I love everything that’s in monochrome. So yeah, I was pretty happy when the black & white trend actually made its way to the fashion scene. 

More laid back outfits? More shorts and cropped tops please! Reminiscing the summer season during the ber-months. Notice how we always have this love-hate relationships towards certain things but when we actually lose them, we end up missing it after all.

Gone are the days when I used to hate summer so much because I hated the hot scorching weather. Now I realized how much I love the summer season and how I can’t wait for next years summer getaways. But for now, I’m still looking forward to the cold ber-months. Love the sweater weather! =)

Pink and Lovin’ It


Ripples scallop top and floral origami shorts/ Forever21 necklace/ Onecklace customized necklace/ Call It Spring bracelets


Spruce akira in pink

A cute pair of pink flats from Spruce. These flats were part of their Pinked collection which is dedicated to spreading awareness on breast cancer. Empowering women and helping them realize that they can fight breast cancer.

Buy a pair and a percentage of the proceeds of each pair you purchase will fund Thrive, a breast cancer awareness group which has made it its mission to remind women to be more vigilant about their health, and to have their breasts checked regularly.


Nothing beats the summer heat than a cute summer outfit!

Now that It’s finally summer season, I’m beginning to get obsessed with cropped tops and almost anything that shouts florals! And that’s exactly why I love this floral print origami shorts from Ripples. So dainty!


FlyShades in Carlisle / Topshop bag



I don’t know if it’s just me or is it really getting hot here in Butuan? Like really scorching hot even if it’s like 7am in the morning. But I’m still so bummed that I haven’t gone to the beach till now. Haha! I know, I feel such a loser. I guess my last chance would be on the month of May since boyfie’s coming home and I’m sure he’ll want to hit the beach asap! I’m just gonna tag along.

Speaking of summer… 2 days to go till Bazaar for All Season! I hope you guys can find time to visit the bazaar especially for those who live near the venue. That’s in Elements tent, Eton Centris.

I guess I’ll see you guys there!

Hey Bart!


Romwe denim top and leather shorts/ Topshop cropped top


Romwe sunnies



Michael Kors watch/ Pretty Little Blings bracelet


Jeffrey Campbell Lita black


That’s Bart Simpson all over my shirt. Been eyeing on this top from Romwe for awhile now. I may be a little too late on this but i don’t think this would go out of style. Bart Simpson is a classic cartoon character and i think denim tops are staples for every woman’s wardrobe.

So for this look, i really wanted to wear this black cropped top which is another one of my current obsessions aside from the printed bustiers I’ve been collecting. Miley Cyrus looked great in these tops which is why i got so hooked up on these. Love her new style by the way. I just don’t have the confidence to flaunt my flabby arms. Haha! Still need to work on that part. Lol.

Till my next post! mwah!

I can see through you

Hello there, Toby! New addition to our family. Cutie!

PINKaholic tiger print cropped top/ Topshop skirt

Nine West yellow pumps

Young & Sweet armcandies

Forever21 jelly bag

Jelly bags are definitely a thing for the summer! It’s waterproof and it always comes in bright colors. Found this one from Forever21 sitting alone  on the display rack. I immediately grabbed it without second thoughts even though half of my mind says that i wont be able to use it that often. But who could resist such a cute bag? =)

Hey ladies! 

No matter how much i’d love to start pulling out all my summer looks, weather here doesn’t seem to cooperate with summer season. I wouldn’t want to look ridiculous wearing midriff tops and shorts when its raining like crazy outside. haha! Seriously, whats up with this love hate relationship between both of them?

Anyway, I think i’ll stick to being safe, atleast for now. Skater skirts, cropped tops and colored shoes are my current obsessions. Especially the skater skirts. They’re so girly. Haha! I know i don’t do too much of the girly thing but i think i’ll make an exception to this. Skater skirts are so versatile. Dress them up or dress them down. Either way, i think they will always look good with anything. =)

Yay summer! =p