Cut it out and then restart

Choies pink shorts/ Forever21 cardigan

I’m loving these pair of shorts that i got from choies. I never really had pale pink shorts thats why i choose this instead of going for the leather ones that i had set my eyes on. Good thing i went for these! Pretty comfy and i love the fact that its garterized.

Thank you Choies clothing!

WAGW necklace/ Forever21 gold cuff

Tonic bag

CMG Oro Nero clogs

Outfit of the day!

Hello dearies! How was your weekend? Its been raining like crazy here in the city. I bet some of you have heard about a flash flood that happened here in Butuan. I hate this weather.

So anyway, today i opted for something very comfy and something that would keep me warm when the rain comes. Rain comes in at around 2pm or 4pm in the afternoon. Yes, i know its schedule ‘cuz it always rains during those times and it gets really, really dark. Lol!

Hope you like today’s look! Keep warm everyone! ❤



What the water gave me

PINKaholic crochet shorts

PINKaholic tribal print top

I love that the back is cut super deep enough to show a little more skin. It also looks like a mullet-ish top since the back is longer. Will definitely wear this over my swimsuit once i hit the beach. =)

WAGW ring/ Forever21 tribal ring

CMG Oro nero clogs/ Clutch bought from a friend

Bubbles tassle necklace

Hello tribal prints! With what I’m wearing now, i can almost taste the summer *fingers crossed* breeze then maybe i could finally hit the beach once this rainy weather goes away.

Been buying a lot of swimsuits lately but i still haven’t got the chance to go swimming. I know, boooring. haha! Anyway, about the outfit. The tribal print top will soon be released on PINKaholic. Will also be available in other colors.

Stay tuned! =) mwah!


PINKaholic blazer/ Bubbles tassle necklace

PINKaholic printed top and crochet shorts

CMG oro nero clogs

Just a quick post everyone.. gotta help my mother dear with a few stuffs here at home.. Its my fathers birthday and we’re having a small birthday dinner gathering with the family tonight. hehe!

Happy birthday to my papa!!! =)

later guys! Got some celebrating to do! hehe! mwah!

Clean White

PINKaholic necklace

Topshop off-white blazer and shorts/ Zara top

CMG oro nero clogs

Forever21 owl ring/ Bubbles jaguar connector ring

Hello ladies! Its been awhile since my last post.. Didn’t have time to take pictures and i also wasn’t in the mood to be taking photos for the past few days. It was raining like crazy here in Butuan.

Well, anyway, here’s my today’s look. Off-white blazer, a pink top and some shorts.. skort? whatever. hehe! And oh, by the way… i spilled soda on this white blazer.. T_T Yes, i did.. i had to go straight home and get it washed right away.. Just my luck!

Heads Up!

Forever21 silk robe/ PINKaholic Crochet top/ PINKaholic highwaisted shorts

PINKaholic bangles/ Bubbles cross connector ring/ Aldo gold watch

Forever21 headband

CMG oro nero clogs

OMG! Its almost Christmas everyone! I’m sure a lot of you have been so busy these past few days. I know i have! hehe!

Christmas has always been my most favorite holiday of the year, not only that my birthday is on the same month, but its also that time of the year wherein we get to wrap up gifts for children (i have always believed that christmas was for the children.. hehe!), have parties.. and oh! Don’t forget the eating part. haha!

I hope you all have a merry christmas everyone! enjoy the holidays! mmmmwah! ❤

Orange pop

PINKaholic bangles/ Aldo gold watch/ Diva cocktail ring

CMG oro nero gray clogs

PINKaholic printed top/ Forever21 suede skirt/ PINKaholic necklace

Yesterdays look was all girly girl and formal—-ish. lol! But i absolutely love this suede skirt. I love the fact that its brown suede, length is perfect and that its easy to look for something that would go perfectly with it. Sooo.. expect to see more looks from me wearing my new favorite skirt. hehe!

Hope you guys like it! ❤

Innocence, beware..

My favorite Oro nero clogs from CMG

Zara fringe top/ The Ramp denim pants/ CMG oro nero wooden clogs/ promod sling bag/ Ray-ban wayfarer sunglasses

Went out to do some errands with sis today.. “Big day” tomorrow. Its a top secret! lol! Let ya’ll know about it soon! hehe! Gotta sleep now, have to wake up early tomorrow… and i mean really early! haha! =)

goodnight loves! mwah! ❤