By the way

Clothepedia aztec blazer

PINKaholic stripe shorts

Gold Dot gold metallic clutch/ Prism Shop tiger cuffs

Fancy Feet heel less booties

And im back with an ootd!

I really had a hard time finding time to shoot an ootd since weather here is just bad. Been raining like crazy for the past few weeks, and you know how much i hate shooting indoors. So finally, the sun came out today and i had to rush out of the house and take photos. I was literally running in heel-less. Lol!

Speaking of heel-less shoes.. Check out these new babies that i got from Fancy Feet. Its transparent and its heel-less all wrapped up into one. Its sooo pretty! If you’re a fan of heel-less shoes then you have to get one of these kicks. =)

Here’s another item that i got in the mail last week aside from the shoesies. The blazer, don’t you love the colors? I don’t have much printed blazers and these are no doubt one of my favorite pieces in my collection. Thanks to Clothepedia! ❤

I think that’s it for now.. Sorry for the late post guys!

Special thanks to Fancy Feet and Clothepedia!

Have a great day! =)


Think Neon

Clothepedia neon green skirt

Forever21 beaded clutch

Topshop denim vest/ H&M black top

Topshop alexus booties

Forever21 necklace

Neon day!

I still can’t get over these neon colors… I know its almost winter season but hey, our country has the perfect sunny weather for the whole 365 days of the year, right? Well, yeah… not all the time… But! Atleast we can still get away with anything with this kind of weather. *wink* =)

So here’s a pretty skirt that i got from Clothepedia from their July 2012 collection. Isn’t it pretty? I wanted the look to be edgy but still has this feminine touch to it. I didn’t have the vest on at first but it looked like something was missing. So I added the denim vest. Done! =)

Hope you guys liked my look today! ❤


New In: 07.30.12


Goodies from Ichigo!

I have always loved Ichigo since my college days. Super comfy shoes is what i have always loved about them.

Tadah! Pretty Angie’s!

Love the strappy front part of the shoes!


From Clothepedia whom I recently collaborated with. Check out the collection i did with them!

Click HERE!

Polka dots and paisley print corsets are the cutest!

Thank you also, Ica! It was great doing a collaboration for your latest collection. Hope you’re happy with the results. Teehee! =)

Blue Sky

Clothepedia corset

Zara floral pants/ Jeffrey Campbell Perfect2

Modeling for Clothepedia’s new collection.

The owner and i have been planning this shoot for awhile now but never had the chance to meet up for a shoot since our schedules weren’t in the mood to cooperate. Haha! What’s worse… I live far from manila. Bummer! But anyway, Ica was kind enough to send me the clothes and shoot them myself.

Thank you so much Clothepedia!

Check out their latest collection HERE! ❤