Dark Side


Urban Outfitters cardigan/ H&M lace shorts


Onecklace customized necklace/ H&M top


Balenciaga bag/ Breckelle’s gladiator flats


To tell you the truth I really missed wearing open-toe sandals and shorts. But I never got tired of wearing knitted tops, sweaters and cardigans as you can tell. I’m obsessed with them! If I could fill up my closet with lots of sweaters, that would be totally fine with me. Hihi! 

So anybody starting to feel the heat of the summer coming in? Although I’m not so sure if I’m excited about that. Maybe it’s because I still haven’t gotten over the whole winter season back in Virginia. And of course, a whole lot of opportunity for me to wear sweaters as often as I want to. Haha! But on the other hand, I’m actually pretty excited about hitting the beach again soon.

Yaaay for summer! 

A Walk In The Park

Took a walk in Central Park with ze boyfie. Clearly this place is the most romantic park I have ever been to. Not that I have been to a lot of parks before but maybe above all that I have visited this is by far the most romantic one. Although every single one of them has its own allure. I’d love to visit again soon during the summer, I’m sure it will be just as beautiful as it is during winter season. image image image

PINKaholic tweed dress/ Oasap knit cardigan

image image

Rarelove Jewelry flower wreath necklace

Adding up some sparkle, I had to put on this multi-colored stone necklace from Rarelove Jewelry. I think it’s the perfect addition to any modest look. 


H&M boots/ YSL bag

image image image image No wonder they shoot a lot of romantic chick flicks here. It is sooo beautiful especially when you visit it on a snowy day in NY. Snow makes everything so beautiful!image image 

My visit to Central Park was surely one of my most unforgettable moments in NYC. I was so thrilled to find out that the park was just a few blocks away from our hotel. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my latest ootd post guys!

By the way, I’d really love it if you guys could share your favorite movies that took place in Central Park. I’d love to watch them! As for me, I’m pretty sure I shared some of my own favorites on my last blog post. Hehe! Don’t mind me… I’m a sucker for chick flicks. Haha!

Have a great week! =)


Look who joined me.. hehe! My baby, Fendi. =)

Jeffrey Campbell nightwalk

Forever21 cardigan & bondage skirt/ Maldita knitted top

PINKaholic cuffs/ Bubbles cross connector ring/ Forever21 gold ring/ Aldo gold watch

KHT Chu’s Fashion Corner gold sequined beanie

Hello everyone!!! Its almost Christmas! and im so excited! I just love love love the holidays.. Its that time of the year wherein everyone gets super busy.. haha! is that bad? haha! Well, busy.. i meant busy with all the shopping for gifts and stuff, organizing parties and of course, the eating part. Lol!

how is everyone? How’s holiday season goin? hehe!  =)

By the way, i know a lot of you guys have seen the news today about the horrible disaster that struck CDO and Iligan after the storm “sendong”. Lets all pray for the victims and their families and the fast recovery of their city.  tsk! Christmas pa naman… so sad.

Zara basic top/ Topshop cardigan/ PINKaholic green skirt/ Nine west shoes

OOTD!!! Im like soooo lazy today.. i even woke up late which is bad.. i get all cranky all day if i don’t get up early in the morning.. well, anyway, heres my look of the day.. hope you guys love love love it! mwah!