Closet Bazaar Butuan + Balay Silonganan ’14

It was indeed a very successful event. Not bad for a first timer like ourselves. Hihi! Yes, It was our first time to organize something that would gather all sellers and friends from Butuan and invite them as our bazaar concessionaires. Good thing everyone was game with the idea of putting up our own first closet bazaar in the city wherein everyone could shop brand new clothes and preloved stuffs as well.

Never did we expect that a lot of people would actually flock to our event!


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Closet Bazaar For A Cause ’14

Get ready to do some serious Christmas shopping at the first and biggest garage sale event in Butuan City on the 20th of December, Saturday at Sunflower Function Hall (Calda Pizza).

Shop pre-loved and brand new items from the closet of Butuan’s trendsetters and shop your favorite pieces from Butuan’s online shops at super sale prices for the benefit of Balay Silonganan, Home for the Street Children, Inc. Plus! Get a chance to win exciting prizes at the event too!

Save the date and don’t dare miss the first ever and biggest garage sale event in the city.


Tickets are already available at Sunflower Bistro & KTV, Pan de Pugon and Dyteban Hardware. 100% of ticket sales goes to our beneficiary. Tickets will also be sold during the event.

Britania Islands, Surigao del Sur

The perks of living in the province! You get to travel a lot by land from place to place without the hassle of going through a traffic jam. And of course, the beautiful beaches you only get to see in my native land Mindanao. Not everyone has visited this one yet that’s why many would say that these are one of Philippines best kept beaches.

Situated in the Province of Surigao del Sur in San Agustin where many beautiful islands and islets sit along the shore of Lianga Bay. Or as many would call it the Britania Group of Islands. 

Wooden bridge leading to the boats that’ll take us to the islands. So by boat it will take you about 20 minutes to get to the first island. Along the way, you get to admire the perfect view of the islets all laid out right before your eyes. 

Most of the boats are operated by LGU (local government unit). Boat fees at P1,300 for 11 of us. But for those who would like to visit, keep bargaining. Who knows you’ll get it for a thousand only. =)

 4 of the many islands in Britania. Some of these islets are very close to each other you can actually walk from one island to another if the water is in low tide.

Stopped over this island for our lunch. I think this island is also the biggest compared to the other islets in Britania. This is also the island where a grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary and a crucifix is built.

For food, people usually bring food with them since every group has its own hired boat so its okay to leave your stuffs in it. In our case, we didn’t really prepare anything before we left Butuan, not even a single bottle of water. Hehe! Good thing we ordered food and drinks at a local sari-sari store back in the mainland before we left and have it specially delivered to us back at one of the islands where people usually stop to eat lunch. If I’m not mistaken, its the Boslon Island. 

I wasn’t able to take photos of the food anymore since we were all starving to death and we haven’t eaten our breakfast either. Haha! But anyway, food was good. No tables and chairs at the island so you’ll have no choice but to form a circle with your friends, sit on the sand and start eating with your bare hands. Best part? Expect to chew on something crunchy. White sand! Haha!

(Cost of food: P1,100++ for 11pax.)

 They call this one “Naked Island” since nothing grows in it. Just sand and coral stones.

In every island, you get to see and feel the beautiful white sand beaches and clear blue water of Britania. 

 I think the island behind me is what they would call the turtle island because of its shape. Although the way I see it, every single islet looks identical to me. Perfectly shaped to look like twinnies! =) We left Butuan at around 6am in the morning where the sun is still rising. Travel time from Butuan to Britania took us about 2hours to finally get to the exact location.

For those who travel from Davao, I think it’ll take around 6hours from Davao to Britania. 

Here is an overview map of our route from Butuan City to San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. 

From Butuan City:

Heading south to the province of Surigao del Sur. It will take 2hours to get there so you may have to take shortcuts along the way. You’ll be able to pass by the town of Sibagat, Bayugan and Prosperidad. Before getting to the town of Prosperidad, we took a shortcut turning left to Los Arcos. This is an alternate road where no public vehicles passing that road except for private vehicles. So from Los Arcos going to Lianga make another left going to San Agustin. 

Hope this blogpost was helpful for everyone who has plans on visiting the place soon! Summer 2015 maybe? Hehe! 

Feel free to ask me questions on the comment box below if you need more info.

Enjoy! =)




Zara studded clutch/ cuffs bought from BU4 bazaar


Oasap skirt


Forever21 striped bustier/ Zara leather vest



Forever21 heels


Ever experienced that life and death situation when you’re in a hurry and you’ve already typed the longest friggin’ blog post of your life? So you go ahead and click that “Save” button then click “Preview on blog” and nothing comes up but just pictures??? Everything else is missing!

Aaaaarrgghh… Let it go… Le it go.. Good vibes.  Grrrrr!

I’m okay now… *smile*

Anyway, lets talk about todays look. If you guys have read yesterdays post  then I’m pretty sure you know the story behind this outfit. hehe! But anyway, Let me just go ahead and refresh your memory. =) Wicked and I were invited to FSUU’s annual event, organized by the University’s HRM students. I must admit, i really had fun! It was actually my first time to attend FSUU’s Fuzzion event. I think the students did a great job. From the buffet set-ups, the stage and the rest of the program.

I myself graduated HRM from University of San Carlos in Cebu but i was never really the type of student active enough to join school activities and organizations. I like to be alone most of the time. I go straight home from school… or to the mall. hehe!

Anyway, enough about the little college stories. hehe! Hope you like todays ootd post. =)

By the way, makeup tutorial coming up soon! =)


FSUU: Fuzzion ’13

Wickedying and I were invited to take part of the event as one of the judges for a mini fashion show that the HRM students of Father Saturnino Urios University had organized. “Fuzzion: An Evening of Food and Fashion” is an annual culminating activity for HRM students wherein they showcase each of their collection in a mini fashion show that best interprets the chosen theme. For this years theme… I must admit, i was pretty excited about the whole thing when i read the invitation letter that says “theme: The Korean Invasion”. Catchy right? I have always loved korean fashion and of course, the inevitable all-girl groups or what we like to call K-Pop. And i won’t deny it. I love them. hehe!

So here are some snaps i took from the program. Sorry if its too blurry or something. I didn’t brought my camera with me. I just used my phone. =)


Super loved their performance.. I can’t imagine memorizing every single korean word in one whole song. These girls were amazing!



…And of course, who could forget Psy? hehe! This was hilarious! We couldn’t stop laughing. =D

Sooo, that’s all for now guys! =)