Birds Of A Feather

Bubbles flower headdress

Gold Dot jamie wedges in white

Bubbles off shoulder top/ Zara shorts

Feeling like a gypsy girl in this outfit. When i think about off the shoulder tops, it always reminds me of Esmeralda from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. I liked that movie when i was a kid, i even bought the VHS tape of it. Whatever happened to VHS players by the way? I just realized now that my collection has gone to a complete waste. Anyone know where i can convert them into DVD’s? Please let me know. Haha!

Anyway, by the time you guys read this blog post, I’m probably at the beach swimming by now. Hehe! It’s my mom’s birthday and we have been planning this Cebu vaca for months now. But too bad tho, my dad couldn’t come with us since something came up at work at the last minute, so we’re not totally complete. But I’m still glad we prepared this whole thing with my family since it’s not all the time that we get to go out on vacations together. Sooo… Yaaay!

Enjoy the upcoming weekend everyone! ❤

Boyfriend Shirt

H&M leather shorts

Bubbles studded leather bracelet and connector ring

H&M mens shirt/ Forever21 cross drop earrings

Michael Antonio garcelle

Wow! I’m wearing a t-shirt! Mens shirt actually.. hehe! This is boyfie’s shirt by the way. I get to wear it first since hes not here yet. hahaha! Who says girls can’t wear mens shirt? hehe!

I got him this shirt from my last trip to HK. Paired it with leather shorts to get that instant rocker vibe. E for effortless! And to top off the look.. garcelle! =)

Thats all for now.. Later guys! ❤

Like tin foil

Bubbles feather necklace

PINKaholic metallic tunic/ Forever21 leather shorts

Asian Vogue bandage wedge

Outfit post! So today i wore my silver metallic top from PINKaholic. This is actually the first time that i got to wear this color. Paired it with leather shorts and some bandage wedge. Tadah! Look of the day. hehe!

I haven’t posted a look for days now but im glad that i get to post something else aside from daily outfit posts. I’m beginning to think that it would make my whole blog to look and feel boring. Don’t you think? hehe!

Anywaaay, i wont be here to blog next week (sad). I have a date with the family for valentines. Choz! haha! Goin out of the country.. Yaaay!

That’s all for now. Later guys! mwah!

Aztec Shawl

Photo-heavy post coming up! hehe!

Bubbles safari necklace/ Forever21 gold chains necklace

Forever21 aztec shawl and suede shorts

Jeffrey Campbell foxy wood

Sorry for this photo heavy post.. haha! Maybe that’s because i didn’t get to post anything yesterday. hehe! Anywaaaay, I know summer is coming up pretty soon, but forgive me… I still cant get over the whole knits, shawl and cardigan season. I just can’t get enough of ‘em. Well, atleast it rains here in Butuan for like.. uhmm.. everyday?? So yeah, i can actually get away with it. haha!

By the way, i need your opinion guys! I was thinking of coloring my hair with a more lighter color.. more “lighter” than what im sporting now. haha! What do you think? I’m also growing the shaved part of my hair now. Goodbye undercut! I had so much fun with you the past 5 months. teehee! Uhmm.. should i grow it already? What do you guys think? =)

Lemme know! mwah! Thanks guys! =)


PINKaholic crochet top/ Forever21 skirt

Bubbles tassle necklace

Folded&Hung shoes

OOTD! Lol! Haven’t used that abbreviation for so long now. haha! Anyway, heres todays look. I was feeling all girly when i woke up this morning so i decided to wear my mustard skirt and some cute red high-stacked heels. What do you guys think of my look today? =)

Okay, so im running out of things to talk about and running out of things to blog.  Plus! i hate my camera. I cant take any good photos with it.. Believe me, its pretty discouraging. hehe! I need to get a new one soon. Choz! haha!

Later guys! mwah! =)

Clean White

PINKaholic necklace

Topshop off-white blazer and shorts/ Zara top

CMG oro nero clogs

Forever21 owl ring/ Bubbles jaguar connector ring

Hello ladies! Its been awhile since my last post.. Didn’t have time to take pictures and i also wasn’t in the mood to be taking photos for the past few days. It was raining like crazy here in Butuan.

Well, anyway, here’s my today’s look. Off-white blazer, a pink top and some shorts.. skort? whatever. hehe! And oh, by the way… i spilled soda on this white blazer.. T_T Yes, i did.. i had to go straight home and get it washed right away.. Just my luck!

Red Hawt Kicks

Topshop oversized top/ Forever21 leather pants

Bubbles tassle necklace and ring/ Aldo watch

Folded&Hung shoes

Bubbles connector rings

Here’s todays look: Leather pants, an oversized top, some tassles and a pop of red hawt kicks. Choz! haha! I have always had a thing for leather.. i don’t know why. haha! I just think they look hot and never fails to give a whole outfit that rocker-ish feel to it. But! puh-leeez.. don’t overdo it. Anything short and leather is a definite no no. haha! Unless your dressed for halloween as the sexy cop. haha!

It’s the first Saturday of the year. What are your plans for today? hehe!

Oh by the way, Stellar Queen collection for PINKaholic is up on tuesday ladies! So get your alarms ready! =)