Blanc Canvas

Zara dress/ Urban Outfitters leather bag/ H&M tights

The dress is indeed a blank canvas and I chose to wear it without accessories to keep it minimal and simple. Now I don’t know where I can wear this again. I might have to go some place with a much colder weather since it’s a little too thick for a warm tropical country like ours. But overall, I really love everything about this dress.

H&M studded booties

I just knew it that I would probably be in the Philippines by the time I post this ootd. This was my last ootd shoot in Old Town Alexandria as I was already running out of clothes to wear. I think I bought more makeup than clothes. Eeek! Haha!

I’m actually sad that I’m back home now but happy as well… I know, It’s a bittersweet feeling. I had to leave boyfie back in the US but at the same time when I got home, I get to see my 2 babies, Gucci and Fendi. I have been dying to see them for months and now I get to finally cuddle up with my two cuties. =)

So how is everyone? =)

Take me out to the ball game


AM Eagle festival shorts


Aupie Tshirt/ Flyshades in Cayenne / Stradivarius bucket bag

This shirt reminds me a lot of a Baseball shirt…Football shirt? Not sure, but it looks something like that. Hehe! The only thing missing from this outfit is my baseball cap which I don’t actually have. Hihi! =)


Topshop suede booties

Dirty old pair of suede booties for the win.. Haha!


Hey guys! It’s been awhile since my last post. It’s been what? 6days from my last outfit post? I wasn’t really counting. Haha! Well anyway, this one is actually a pending post from last weekends OOTD. I didn’t want to seem too insensitive with what’s going on by blogging about outfit posts continuously when a part of our country, particularly Luzon is facing a tough time brought by a typhoon. It’s pretty sad that while we enjoy sunny days here in Butuan, people in Luzon are actually experiencing a difficult time. A lot of people are in need for safety, let alone food and shelter.

I do really hope people are slowly recovering from this calamity. I know it may be too soon to say that but i hope everyone that is affected by it are slowly getting back up on their feet. All we can do now is pray for everyone’s safety and recovery.

Stay safe guys and have a great weekend! =)

Cropped and tied

Random brand cropped top/ Forever21 skort/ Forever21 booties

And so im back in butuan, back to the old me.. back to the usual days of work, home, work, home.. lol! I still need to get some more sleeping time, its payback time from all the sleepless nights in manila. nyahaha! Yeah, thats what happens when you get at least 4hours of sleep for 4 days!

So anyway, i still got a lot to blog about, mostly about my trip to manila with wickedying, particularly about the Philippine Fashion Week. That’s coming up pretty soon. I wanna get this all done so i wont have a lot of late posts. Backlog alert! And oh! shopping haul!!! hehe!

Later peeps! mwah! ❤