By the way

Clothepedia aztec blazer

PINKaholic stripe shorts

Gold Dot gold metallic clutch/ Prism Shop tiger cuffs

Fancy Feet heel less booties

And im back with an ootd!

I really had a hard time finding time to shoot an ootd since weather here is just bad. Been raining like crazy for the past few weeks, and you know how much i hate shooting indoors. So finally, the sun came out today and i had to rush out of the house and take photos. I was literally running in heel-less. Lol!

Speaking of heel-less shoes.. Check out these new babies that i got from Fancy Feet. Its transparent and its heel-less all wrapped up into one. Its sooo pretty! If you’re a fan of heel-less shoes then you have to get one of these kicks. =)

Here’s another item that i got in the mail last week aside from the shoesies. The blazer, don’t you love the colors? I don’t have much printed blazers and these are no doubt one of my favorite pieces in my collection. Thanks to Clothepedia! ❤

I think that’s it for now.. Sorry for the late post guys!

Special thanks to Fancy Feet and Clothepedia!

Have a great day! =)


Black Velvet

Forever21 brown blazer

Bubbles rings/ Forever21 gold cuffs/ Aldo watch

Forever21 tiger print top/ PINKaholic velvet shorts/ PINKaholic gold necklace

Jeffrey Campbell mariel wedges

Monday night meet-ups with wickedying laterrr.. hehe! Yes, monday, cuz its the only time shes available. hehe! Anyway, how was your weekend everyone? Weekend here was a total bummer! Its been raining like crazy. You wouldn’t even bother dressing up to go out.

Till last post guys, this is just a quick post of what im wearing today.=)

PINKaholic update!!! Fall in love with PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe‘s latest collection “Charmed Romance” for valentines season! Don’t forget to check them out tonight at 9pm ladies! =)

Clean White

PINKaholic necklace

Topshop off-white blazer and shorts/ Zara top

CMG oro nero clogs

Forever21 owl ring/ Bubbles jaguar connector ring

Hello ladies! Its been awhile since my last post.. Didn’t have time to take pictures and i also wasn’t in the mood to be taking photos for the past few days. It was raining like crazy here in Butuan.

Well, anyway, here’s my today’s look. Off-white blazer, a pink top and some shorts.. skort? whatever. hehe! And oh, by the way… i spilled soda on this white blazer.. T_T Yes, i did.. i had to go straight home and get it washed right away.. Just my luck!

The Leopard Blazer

PINKaholic leopard blazer. BUY

PINKaholic leopard blazer/ Topshop shorts/ Michael Antonio wedges

Leopard blazer from PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe. A little fashion advice: This is a definite closet must-have! Gotta have animal print blazers hanging in your closet girls! In case of a fashion emergency… just throw on a pair of denim shorts/pants, a plain top, these leopard blazers and you’re good to go! teehee! =)

Laterrr ladies! mwah! ❤

One heck of a day

Random store blazer & top/ Topshop high waisted shorts/ Zara wooden wedges/ Accessories from PINKaholic

Hallleeeew ladies! mwah! I’ve had a pretty rough day today.. And i dont intend to share it here in my blog since its something personal but yeah, i had a rough day. But everythings fine now, thank God! Good thing it only took a day for the whole thing to get settled.

So anyway, here’s todays outfit. Top, shorts, a pink blazer to give the whole look a little oomph, paired it with wedges that i got on sale at zara last year (i think). I’ve been eyeing on these pair for the longest time, i waited for them to hit the sale racks. haha! By the time i got back to manila, they were already on sale! In my size! haha! grabbed them the minute i saw them and here they are. teehee!

Red & Leopard

Tonic rissa bag

Forever21 red blazer/ Zara lady gaga top/ Topshop belt/ H&M khaki shorts/ Tonic rissa bag

Was suppose to have this post done last night but i got so tired from the long 3hour drive from CDO, so i had to crash the moment i got home. I actually had only 4hours of sleep the night before. Slept late watching Shutter Island on HBO, yeah, i know, im such a loser for missing out on that movie for a year now. haha!

So yeah, another roadtrip with mariel! hehe! And of course, we had to take a few photos before leaving. We found a perfect spot near SM for a little impromptu shoot for our blog. hehe! I had to tell the driver to stop since the weather was so perfect. Not too gloomy, not too sunny.. it was perfect! =)

Work it wickedying! I sooo love mariel’s long locks! ugh! I miss my long hair.. im trying to grow it back and never, ever chop it off again.. ever! lol!

We had a few more photos but i only had to upload two since i looked like a retard from doing only one pose in all the shots and mariel was all fierce.. nyahaha!

Till next post sweeties! luvyah! ❤